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YPS Badge & ID Card Request Form

**All non-employee badges must be requested by the building secretary, principal or department/program director**
The Badge & ID Card Services Division is responsible for issuing employee and non-employee badges and ID cards for all YPS employees and affiliated personnel as well as the management and assignment of building access and system/application rights with certain encoded badges based on your role with Yukon Public Schools. 
New Employee Badges
If you are a new certified employee with the District you will be issued your Employee ID Badge during scheduled Technology Orientation. All support employees will be issued Employee ID Badges after their New Hire/Benefits Orientation or by appointment with the Office of Technology & Information Services. 
Employee Replacement Badges
Employees needing a replacement badge may use this form to request a new badge be printed and indicate if they want to make an appointment to retake their picture, pick their badge up, or request a principal or secretary pick their badge up during mail pickup times. For security reasons, all badges must be signed for and picked up in the Main Office of the YPS Administration Building. If applicable, all costs associated with badge replacements must be paid in full before receiving a new badge. More information can be found by clicking here.

If at anytime you have any questions, please call the Office of Technology & Information Services at ext. 1000 or 405.354.2587. 
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YPS Badge & ID Card Services a Division of the Office of Technology & Information Services