Yukon Public Schools Criminal Background Check Application 2023/2024

Volunteer Program Services
YPS Administration Building
600 Maple St. 
Yukon, OK 73099
Commitment to Confidentiality
Yukon Public Schools will require a criminal background check on all persons participating in volunteer activities with our district.  This includes, but is not limited to, YPS Helping Hand Volunteers, Mentors, Vision & Hearing, Homeroom Parents, Field Trip Chaperones, Parent/Teacher Organizations, and Booster Clubs.  While background check information is public information, Yukon Public Schools will maintain strict confidentiality of the information collected as a result of the background check process.  Information will be shared only with those who have a need to know.  In the event a third party must be used to complete the background check, Yukon Public Schools will comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  Click here for background check criteria and regulations.
Authorization and Acknowledgment Regarding Background Investigation
I hereby authorize Yukon Public Schools to use the information I have provided to conduct a background check. I also understand I am obligated to notify Yukon Public Schools of any criminal arrest or offense that occurs after the initial date of this background check.  I also understand that should the application to volunteer be declined, I have the right to be informed of the information used to reach that decision.
I understand the actions of typing my name in the following box and clicking the "I agree" checkbox will serve as my signature, even though a printed copy of this Disclosure and Authorization will not contain an original writing of my signature. Also, I acknowledge that I am seeking a volunteer opportunity and not seeking employment from YPS.
Confidentiality and Background Check Authorization *
*A current federal, state, or government issued I.D. will be required to upload at the end of this application.  Please have your I.D. ready to upload.