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Please fill out the fields below if you wish to request documents or information from Yukon Public Schools through the Open Records Act. All requests must adhere to State of Oklahoma Open Records Laws. All requests deemed for commercial use or gain will be subject to research and copying fees as allowed by law.

Please note that student records or any information pertaining to a specific student cannot be requested via this form. You must contact your child(ren)'s current or former school for access to student records.

Any information that is part of a student record, including but not limited to transcripts, grades, report cards, and progress reports cannot be disclosed as part of an open records request pursuant to Oklahoma Statute 51 O.S. ยง24A.16.

Requests for any information considered part of a student record must be requested by the parent/guardian directly from their current or former school of last attendance within Yukon Public Schools. During the summer months, student record information can be requested from our District Enrollment Center by calling 405.265.1300 or in person during business hours at 1000 Yukon Avenue, Yukon, OK 73099. Appointments are encouraged.

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