HSMA S&E Festival

What's the purpose of this festival?
To give students a performance opportunity along with a "mini lesson" with a expert musician outside of HSMA. There are no ratings, no scales, no sight reading, and this is not a competition.  It is simply a way to allow students to get good feedback on a piece of music they've prepared so they can possibly learn another approach to the piece or some new techniques to try on their instrument.  Each participant will also recieve a certificate of participation.
Who can participate?  
Anyone!  This is not limited to any particular age or grade levels.  Any student, from beginners to high school seniors are welcome.
How much does it cost?
Depends on the event.  Solos are $10, duets are $12 total ($6 per participant), trios are $15 ($5 per participant), Quartets are $16 ($4 per participant) and larger ensembles are $4 per participant.
Instructions: Please complete ONE entry form per EVENT (a solo is one event, a duet is one event, etc).  If multiple families are involved in an ensemble, please give money to the family who completes the registration so that family can pay Mr Benson in full.

The festival will be held Saturday May 11, 2019 at Faith Bible Church - 5211 W St Joseph Hwy, Lansing, MI 48917
Please make checks or money orders (no cash, please) out to "Phil Benson" and put them in a LABELED envelope.  You can give the envelope to Paul Clark or Phil Benson at rehearsal.  Please do NOT put your payment in the blue box - billing for this event is handled outside of normal HSMA billing because the event is late in the year.
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