Are You Ready to Score BIG in 2024? Join our VIRTUAL Profit Planning Masterclass on Thursday, February 22st at 7pm CST

Because a PROFIT PLAN is a MUST have for EVERY Business! 

“Maya Angelou says you teach people how to treat you. I say you

TEACH people how to PAY YOU”!

~Coach Dawniel


80% of all businesses FAIL not because they have bad products. But because they FAIL to plan and make their profits FIRST!

And in FAILING to forecast their profits they fail to be able to DOUBLE, TRIPLE, or even MORE their bottom line…because they are REACTIVE in their business versus PROACTIVE.

A profit plan is a MUST have for EVERY business owner, so what BETTER time that NOW before we get to the 2nd quarter!

This course is a MUST for EVERY Business Owner!

In this hands-on course, you will LEARN:

  • How to set your yearly profit goals

  • How to set your monthly profit goals

  • How to set your weekly profit goals

  • How to set your daily profit goals

  • How to recover when you MISS your goals

  • How to keep MOVING towards your goals… Like a BOSS!

If you are tired of worrying about making ends meet or struggling to get people to PAY you what you worth then this session is for you!

What better time than NOW as we race to finish 2024 STRONG!

You will walk AWAY with YOUR 2024 Profit plan on paper…and the tools to complete your OWN profit planning year after year!

All of this for $29(normally priced at $97)!


Upgrade to VIP for only $20 MORE!

You can upgrade to the VIP Experience for only $49(normally priced at $197).

This includes:

Plan to Profit(valued at $299) 

Wealth Planner(valued at $199)

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Current Grant Writing Clients use coupon code provided in your class chat. From Scratch clients & Mentees access will be provided in class chat.