Earn A Million Mentorship

What would you do with your FIRST Million?

When I first started my own business earning a million dollars in a LIFETIME much less 14 months was SO FAR from reality for me.

Once I earned over 1 million dollars online I can definitely tell you that I NEVER THOUGHT that I would be here.

And now that I am I want NOTHING MORE than to continue this journey and bring some people with me.

But ONLY the people that want to go. Are YOU one of those people?

If you are SERIOUS about increasing your profits DRAMATICALLY in the next year I want to invite you to participate in my Million Dollar Mastermind.

This program is SO real that we will ONLY discuss profits and ways to EARN MORE, not only online but offline.

This mentorship is NOT about your feelings.

It’s NOT about what you are going through in life.

It is about being UNAPOLOGETIC about earning what it will take to provide generational wealth for your family.

Not everyone will earn a million.

But dramatically increasing your revenue in the next 6 months will definitely put you on the right path.

If you are SERIOUS Sign up NOW.

Deadline to register is September 6th!

And seats are limited.


I am not looking for people who need to THINK about whether they want to earn more money or not.

I am looking for people who WANT to earn more money.

I am not looking for people who are going to complain about investing to make MORE money.

I am looking for people who are no excuse and want this.

Like they want to breathe.

And will MOVE forward whether they are afraid or not.



This is a 1 YEAR Course.

You will meet WEEKLY with me or my team to discuss profits and promotions.

This course is NOT for beginners.

This course is NOT for people still looking for their purpose.

This course is NOT for excuse makers.

THIS course is for people who are READY for the EARNINGS to match their ACTIONS.

So if you are out there ALREADY getting in people’s face and working hard and STILL not making money, this mentorship is for you.

THIS mentorship is NOT a magic pill or fairy wand.

These are the STRATEGIES you need to push your revenue where it has NEVER been before.


If you sign up now, you will receive access to the Products, Promotions, and Profits class FREE!

This class will help you create more products to monetize and increase your revenue!


This is a CONTRACTUAL obligation. Meaning ONCE you start there is no such thing as quitting until we pass the finish line.

*International Clients please use Houston TX 77077 for your city and state but use the 2nd address line for your correct mailing address
I am financially, physically and psychologically committed to this program for the duration of 1 year @ $99 a Week *

Course Meets Mondays at 7:30pm CST.