What if I told you that you could hear FOUR live, powerhouse presentations from ME for less than $6 a presentation?

I bet you wouldn’t hesitate to attend!

Well it’s happening! That and access to 11 other mainstage presentations, multiple panel presentations and MORE!

Even if  you won’t BE in Indy during our Race for Freedom doesn’t mean you should miss the entertainment…or the connections.

Each of our live stream participants will be placed into a special Facebook group so that you can have access to the conference event from start to finish…with the ability to easily replay parts you missed!


My presentations during the conference will include:

Day 1 – Main Stage Go LIVE or Go Broke; The case for live stream NOW

Day 1 – VIP Luncheon A Million Dollar Mindset – A comparison/checklist of where YOU need to be to step into the 7 figure territory

Day 2 – Main Stage  The Cost Of Freedom; The case for quitting ANYTHING that no longer serves your next level, whether it is Jobs or being broke

Day 2 – VIP Luncheon 10k Day; 100k Launch The formula YOU need for sold out launches every time

We have LIMITED Live Stream Access so I strongly suggest you get YOUR access now.


(Cash Crew, Clients, ME participants, and Mentees check YOUR class room for special $29 discounted rates) *There is NO courtesy access to this event as this is a special production.


*International Clients please use Houston TX 77077 for your city and state but use the 2nd address line for your correct mailing address

Freedom Live Stream Access

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