Black Girl Profits

Congratulations on your Acceptance into the Black Girl Profits Mentorship.

This is my 6th year hosting this amazing program. For years I have wanted to offer my students a gift that last a lifetime (other than the knowledge) so that they can always remember what they learned from me.

I am pleased to announce that you will be receiving a James Avery Charm Bracelet that we will be using as a community to celebrate Various Milestones within the mentorship.

Year 1: Receive the Bracelet with Brand Charm

Year 2: Receive the Bracelet with Brand Charm, YOUR brand Color pendent and a charm that represents your brand

**Those of you who are starting your 2nd, 3rd or MORE year with me will receive BOTH the brand charm, bracelet, and charms that represent your brand NOW…

Please complete the form below so that we can start to order your bracelets.  We will have a time and date that we announce them online…

Congratulations, and here’s to being part of the 7 figure Sisterhood.


*International Clients please use Houston TX 77077 for your city and state but use the 2nd address line for your correct mailing address

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