Our Pledge to Defend Democracy

We pledge to cultivate and defend an inclusive democracy that works for everyone, in the nation’s capital, in our statehouses, and in our communities.

The January 6 attack at the U.S. Capitol building was the extension of a pattern we've seen across the country throughout the past year, as state legislatures have been threatened by paramilitaries and anti-democratic groups often aligned with white nationalist movements. We will not allow ourselves to be intimidated.

These efforts to undermine democratic governance and divide our communities have shown that our institutions are fragile and must be protected from authoritarian tactics and influence. A peaceful transition of power is only a first step to safeguarding our democracy.

To stunt the growth of white nationalism, we build collective community power from across civil society: elected officials, community groups, grassroots organizers and business leaders. We oppose authoritarian tactics and attempts to disrupt the work of our representative government. We focus on a vision of the future that unites our communities, rather than divides them. We are moving our democracy forward together.
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