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What Is Edge?

Edge is a specialized program that allows you to provide an incentive to cash buyers while eliminating almost all of your non-cash processing costs.

You will be provided signage stating all of your prices are discounted for cash payment and for customers who choose to pay with a credit card, a non cash adjustment of 4% will be automatically added to the discounted for cash price.

The non cash adjustment is designed to offset your processing fees


Edge Is Easy!

Your plug and play equipment will arrive ready to use and pre-programmed with the non cash adjustment of 4%.

With the Edge program you can accept all major credit cards and EBT where applicable.

Also, if you decide you want to offer an individual credit card user the discounted for cash price, you'll have the option to waive the non cash adjustment at checkout.

Edge provides the technology that makes this happen easily for you.


Wide selection of equipment.

With today's technology, there's no reason for you to be limited to a single terminal. We have many POS providers and equipment options...many with FREE placement.


-Find the system that best suits your business

-Peace of mind with technical help & support