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Fall 2020 SESSION 4 Training 3x a week

How to Register

Here is how you register your child for the clinic:

1. Choose the week(s)/session(s) that you want your child to attend.  

2. Fill in Camper and Parent/Guardian information in designated fields below.

3. Fill out the Authorization of consent of Treatment to Minor.  The first date field pertains to the date the authorization should be valid until (a date later than your child's last date of camp in 2020).  The second date field is today's date.  Your "electronic signature" is just your typed name.

4. Pay - when you click "continue" after completing the form you will be taken to a new window where your payment, including any discount, has been calculated and you will see a PayPal button.  When you click this button you will be taken to the PayPal secure site where you can pay either through your PayPal account or by credit card - for the credit card option you see a link below the PayPal option saying "Don't have a PayPal account? Pay with debit or credit card as a PayPal guest". 

Clinic info: The socially distanced curriculum is designed for players 13 years and older.
DATES: Nov 2nd start and Nov 20th finish

Location:  Beach Chalet field :Mon 4:00-5:30pm field 4C, Wed 4:00-5:30pm field 1D, Friday 4:00-5:30pm field 4C

What to bring:   BALL, water bottle, cleats or athletic shoes, ALL ITEMS LABELED WITH PLAYER NAME

1. Choose Camps-

The price is $18/hr so $27 for the 90 minute session
Sibling discount is 10% off for second and any additional children and you enter the code SIBLING in the code box
Session 4 : consists of 3 weeks, Mon/Wed/Fri :
9 events total: 

DATES: Nov 2nd start and Nov 20th finish

Location:  Beach Chalet field :Mon 4:00-5:30pm field 4C, Wed 4:00-5:30pm field 1D, Friday 4:00-5:30pm field 4C

There are no refunds for leaving training early as the staff must be hired for all 3 weeks)
SF Department of Public Health requires this statement: I certify that my child will NOT be attending another clinic that takes place during the week *

2. Camper Information

Gender *
0/1000 characters

3. Authorization of Consent to Risk of Exposure to Covid 19 and Consent of Treatment to Minor

The collective effort and sacrifice of San Francisco residents staying at home limited the spread of COVID-19. But
community transmission of COVID-19 within San Francisco continues, including transmission by individuals who are
infected and contagious, but have no symptoms. Infected persons are contagious 48 hours before developing symptoms
(“pre-symptomatic”), and many are contagious without ever developing symptoms (“asymptomatic”). Pre-symptomatic
and asymptomatic people are likely unaware that they have COVID-19. The availability of childcare and summer camp is
an important step in the resumption of activities. However, the decision by the Health Officer to allow childcare and
summer camps for all families at facilities that follow required safety rules, does not mean that attending childcare or
summer camp is free of risk. Enrolling a child in childcare or summer camp could increase the risk of the child becoming
infected with COVID-19. While the majority of children that become infected do well, there is still much more to learn
about coronavirus in children, including from recent reports of Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C).
Each parent or guardian must determine for themselves if they are willing to take the risk of enrolling their child in
childcare/summer camp, including whether they need to take additional precautions to protect the health of their child
and others in the household. They should particularly consider the risks to household members who are adults 60 years
or older, or anyone who has an underlying medical condition. Parents and guardians may want to discuss these risks and
their concerns with their pediatrician or other health care provider. More information about COVID-19, MIS-C, and those
at higher risk for serious illness is available on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website at I understand the risks associated with enrolling my child in
childcare/summer camp, and agree to assume the risks to my child and my household. I also agree to follow all safety
requirements that the childcare program/summer camp imposes as a condition of enrolling my child.
I agree *
I, (We), the undersigned parent(s)/guardians of applicant/player, a minor, do hereby authorize San Francisco Vikings Soccer Club, as agent(s) for the undersigned to consent to any x-ray examination, anesthetic, medical or surgical diagnosis or treatment and hospital care, which is deemed advisable by, and to be rendered under the general or special supervision of any physician and surgeon licensed under the provisions of the medicine Practice Act on the Medical Staff of any accredited hospital treatment is rendered at the office of said physician or at said hospital.  It is understood that they authorization is given in advance of any specific diagnosis, treatment or hospital care being required, but is give to provide authority and power on the part of our aforementioned agent(s) to give specific consent to any and all such diagnosis, treatment or hospital care. 
unless sooner revoked in writing.
I understand that due to the restriction of not allowing any new participants to join the group to replace a child that leaves the group, and the requirement that the same 2 staff members stay with the group all 3 weeks, there are no refunds for leaving the clinic early.

5. Authorization of Consent to Use Photos of Your Child at Camp

I, (We), the undersigned parent(s)/guardians of applicant/player, a minor, do hereby authorize San Francisco Vikings Soccer Club to take photographs of clinic activity which may involve my child participating in the activity.

6. Payment Information

You will now be taken to a payment page, hosted by PayPal. If you don't have a PayPal account, no problem! You can just pay by card as a PayPal guest.