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Spring 2019 Microsoccer Team Registration

Team Information

The Spring 2019 Microsoccer season will be 8 practices and 6 games. Dates have not been confirmed with Rec & Park yet, but once they are confirmed we will post to
Games will be played at Marina Green, West Sunset and Little Rec.
The cost per team is $580, unless you need to apply for the low income scholarship rate of $290 per team.
Teams play 4v4 with no goalkeeper, and each team will have two 4v4 fields set up for them to play their scheduled opponent each Saturday.
The minimum roster is 10 players and the maximum is 13 players. Fall rosters roll over to the spring season. No players under the age of 4 or over the age of 8 allowed.
All coaches and managers must register and have a background check.
Payment is due at the time of registration. Any registrations made without payment will be removed and you will be asked to submit a new registration.
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Gender of Team (you must have at least 4 girls to be a co-ed team) *
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Skill Level *

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