Establishing SF Residency for travel & Player Commitment Form upload

All teams in San Francisco must make sure that SF fields are used for SF kids.

  • Teams 2005 and younger are allowed a maximum of 2 non-SF players.
  • 2004 and older are allowed a maximum of 3 non-SF residents.
All TRAVEL teams must file residency paperwork for each San Francisco player. All TRAVEL teams must show a player commitment form for each player.
For the description of what documents establish residency, check here.
To confirm whether or not Residency documentation has already been submitted for your player, click here.

Participant Information

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School Document Upload

If you completed EITHER of the school documentation uploads,
then your work here is complete. 
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Alternate Documentation

If you cannot upload school documentation, then you need
at least THREE other documents establishing SF residency.  

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