Gym Team Practice and League Request Form

This form is to be used to request gym practice space or space to host a sports league

Deadline Varies by Season

Limited Availability: GYM reservations are ONLY available when the recreation centers are closed to the public. This is limited to:

  • Mondays (varies based if there is an afterschool program)
  • Saturdays after 5:30pm
  • Sundays when the RPD Indoor Soccer League (Jan - Mar) is not playing. 

Reservation scheduled may change at any time without notice due to unforseen circumstances. 

General Information

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GYM Rental Questions

Dates Requested
Note: GYMS are only available
  ---Saturdays after 5:30 pm 
  ---Sundays (except during Indoor Soccer season (Jan - Mar)
Please Indicate the Days of the Week in Which Your are Interested: *
 1st Choice2nd Choice3rd ChoiceNot this Day
Saturdays after 5:30pm
Sundays (when Indoor Soccer is Not Happening)
If you cannot answer yes to one of these dates and times, please stop filling out this form. Unfortunately, we cannot provide space for your rental request.

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Requests will be submitted on a quarterly basis.

Times Requested
Note: Practices are generally one hour in length. Please indicate earliest and latest start time:

Gyms Requested
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 1st Choice2nd Choice3rd Choice4th ChoiceOk but Not Top ChoiceNot this Gym
Bernal Heights
Betty Ann Ong
Eureka Valley
Glen Park
Joe Lee
Minnie Lovie
Mission Rec
Potrero Hill
Richmond Rec
St. Mary's
Sunset Rec (NOT available on Mondays)
Upper Noe

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