Travel Team Field Request Form

Please note that due to COVID-19 Health Restrictions, the length and type of a Fall Season is uncertain. However, we are seeking confirmation so that if the Health Dept allows a season, we will be ready to quickly organize teams and play

Important Information:

  • Submit this Form for Each Team Separately and ONLY If
    • You are intending to play in a Travel League (a league not scheduled by a SF based league) AND
    • Your team meets the San Francisco Residency Requirement (no more than 2 nonresidents ages 8th grade and down and 3 nonresidents ages over 8th grade)
    • You are certain of the age group and gender of your team. Fields will be allocated based on this information and if you change after the submission, you will not have any fields available for your team and your filing fee will be forfeited.
    • You have the minimum number of rostered players for your team (3 over the number of players on the field for your age group) and you have completed a spreadsheet of rostered players that you are ready to upload using the Roster Submission Form.
  • Fees:
    • If your team or club has precleared for APBO Fees, you will be eligible to just pay the APBO Fee of $308 per season
    • If your team or club has not precleared for APBO Fees, you will be required to pay the following fees based on the age of your team:
      • Age U9/U10 -   $970 per team (includes 1 practice)
      • Age U11/U12 - $1,090 per team (includes 1 practice)
      • Age U11/U12 - $1,575 per team (includes 2 practices)
      • Age U13/U14 - $1,455 per team (includes 1 practice)
      • Age U13/U14 - $2,180 per team (includes 2 practices)
      • Age U15-U19 - $1,575 per team (includes 1 practice)
      • Age U15-U19 - $2,180 per team (includes 2 practices)
  • Additional Submissions: After you have completed this form, you will be contacted to make an appointment to visit RPD and present a file for this team that contains the following:

Save & Return

Save your progress and complete this form later. (optional)


Every Team must have a unique number. Please create a number as:

  • First Three Letters
    • Clubs - Take the First 3 Letters of Your Club Name (make sure it is not the same as any other club)
    • Individual Teams not affiliated with a club - take the first 3 letters of your team name 
  • 3 Numbers: then add a hyphen and 3 numbers starting with 201
    • So for instance - SF United will have team numbers as follows: SFU-201, SFU-202, SFU-203 etc


Has This Team (or its Affiliated Club Pre-Cleared for Approved Public Benefit Fees? *


Is Your Team Committed to The Following Residency Requirements: *

ROSTER INFORMATION (must upload in excel)

Note: MUST USE EXCEL NOT PDF of THIS FORM: Roster Submission Form


Has your team or any coach affiliated with it been found to violate SFRPD field permits, residency requirements, tryout requirements in the previous 12 months or been found to misrepresent information in prior APBO applications. *