For Religious Services and Ceremonies and Political Protests

Groups may hold Outdoor Religious Gatherings for the practice of religion, including religious services and religious ceremonies, and Outdoor Political Protest Gatherings for in person political protests, subject to the following conditions:

  • Attendance: The size of a group must be reduced according to the size of the outdoor space and Participants’ ability to follow Social Distancing Requirements at all times; and simultaneous gatherings in the same location or vicinity are prohibited;
  • Duration: The duration of the gathering should be limited to the maximum extent possible;
  • Food and Beverage: No food or beverages may be served or sold; Participants and Hosts are prohibited from eating or drinking, and thus removing their Face Coverings to do so, unless necessary for health reasons or proper hydration. Participants must bring their own non-alcoholic beverages if necessary for hydration;
  • Social Distancing: Participants must maintain at least six feet of distance from members of different households and if there is not adequate space, attendance must be reduced or an alternative location must be chosen;
  • Face Coverings: All participants must wear a face covering, subject to the limited exceptions in Health Officer Order No. C19-12c (e.g., for young children); and
  • Singing, Chanting and Musical Instruments Limited: People may sing, shout, cheer, etc. as long as they wear a face covering and remain at least six feet away from other Households; Performers and event leaders may remove face coverings or instrument covers to speak, cheer, sing, play a wind or brass instrument, etc., but they must remain at least 12 feet away from other Households; and Performers and event leaders are strongly encouraged to wear face coverings and use instrument covers—as applicable—even if they are more than 12 feet away
  • Common Objects or Equipment: No sharing or common use of objects or equipment is permitted unless those objects or equipment are sanitized with cleaning products effective against COVID-19 in between uses by members of different households;
  • Other Health Order Requirements: The gathering must comply with all of the relevant requirements set forth in Health Officer Directive No. 2020-19 regarding Outdoor Gatherings; and must complete a Health and Safety Plan and a Social Distancing Protocol referenced in the directive.

Outdoor Special Gathering Applications require a minimum of 5 Business Days to process unless it is an Emergency Event (examples would be freedom of speech events over new issues).

Once the application is reviewed you will be notified (if you do not hear from us, please call 415-831-5500) as follows:

  • Your application is denied and the reason or
  • Your application is tentatively approved and can move forward for processing. You will subsequently receive a list of conditions necessary to receive a permit (including fees). 

Contact and Sponsor Information

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Event Details

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Date and Time: 
Amplified Sound:
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Food and Beverages:
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Set Up:
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Social Distancing Compliance Plan

Application Processing

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT:  The above information is complete and correct to the best of my knowledge.  I understand that the permit is granted on the basis of the information supplied in the application, and that the permit may be denied or revoked if found to be incorrect and/or incomplete. If my event changes, I must file a new amended application. I further understand that the City may monitor the event, and that failure to comply with any conditions placed on the permit approval or local law my result in the immediate revocation of the permit. *