THIS IS A 2021 Application

Special Events Applications require a minimum of 60 Days to process unless it is an Emergency Event (examples would be freedom of speech events over new issues).

Please note that there is a $72 application processing fee for this application to be reviewed (except for events organized by other city agencies). Once the application is reviewed you will be notified 10 business days after your application is received (if you do not hear from us, please call 415-831-5500) as follows:

  • Your application is denied and the reason or
  • Your application is tentatively approved and can move forward for processing. You will subsequently receive a list of conditions necessary to receive a permit (including fees). This detailed list will take longer than 10 days.
If you have not done so already please check our website for useful information about our various sites including fees and limitations on amplified sound, and updates on the types of permits we are issuing in accordance with state and local guidelines.

COVID 19 Events Categories Under Current Health Orders

Covid 19 Questions Regarding Your Event:

Do You Believe That Your Event Meets the Health Order Requirements as of the date of submittal: *

As of April 25, 2021, only events meeting certain categories are allowed. At this time we are only processing those applications. Other applications will be put on hold until the health order changes.

The following outdoor events are currently allowed (click on title to be taken to SFDPH Covid 19 Health Rules)

     1.Political Protests

     2.Private Receptions Up to 100 Persons
            * Assigned Seating – Table or Group of Seating 
            * Limited to 100 people
            * Ticketed or invite list only
            * Food allowed
            * Everyone must be seated in an pre-assigned seat
            * Location must allow controlled access

     3. Performances/Movie Nights Ticketed with Assigned Seats
            * Ticketed or invite list only
            * Attendees must be seated at all times in a preassigned seat            
            * Must be permanent facility or demarcated area separated from public
            * Depending on size and offerings (if there is food)
                    *Vaccinations may be required for attendees
                    *May need preapproved health plan

      4. Performances, Movie Nights and Festivals Limited to 50 Attendees

             *No more than 50 attendees at any one time
             *Need Demarcated Space where you control ingress and egress
             *Health plan must be submitted to DPH in advance of the event
             *Ticketing not required
             *Allows for booth displays that people walk and visit
             *Food must be consumed in separate area with fixed seating

     5. Athletic Event including – Running or Walking

             *Generally limited to no more than 50 attendees
             *Tournaments are not allowed

     6. Promotional Display

             *Not advertised to the public – limited to those who are walking by
             *Must ensure that no more than 50 people are in the area at any one time

     7. Religious Services and Wedding Ceremonies Only (no food)

             * Please go the Religious Services application
For more information on health orders go to SF Health Directives.

We strongly recommend that you stop this application now as we are not processing applications that do not meet the current health directives. Please apply when health orders change.

Please indicate which health directive you believe that you are meeting: *