San Francisco Recreation and Park Department Application for Revocable Photography, Film, and Video Production Permit

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1.  Grant of permission does not constitute a deed or grant of an easement by the City, is not transferable or assignable and is revocable at any time at the will of the Recreation and Park Department or Commission.

2.  The use of Recreation and Park Department property by the Permittee shall be limited solely to the purposes set forth in this permit, and no structures of any kind except those expressly permitted, shall be erected or placed thereon.

3.  The permit shall not become effective until satisfactory proof of liability insurance is presented to the Department by the Permittee in the amount of $1 million, naming as additionally insureds, the City and County of San Francisco and the Recreation and Park Department, its agents, employees and commissioners.  All insurance is subject to approval of the City's Risk Manager.

4.  Permittee shall be responsible and liable for any and all damage to structures or property, or for injury to or death of persons, due directly or indirectly to Permittee’s activities and shall indemnify and hold the City, the Department and Commission harmless from liens of every kind and nature and from claims for damages of any kind whatsoever.

5.  No vehicles or heavy equipment shall be allowed off paved areas without express permission.

6.  No structures or other props shall be allowed on Department property without express permission.

7.  No generation of mineral oil-based smoke, mist or fog shall be allowed without express permission.

8.  Permittee shall not prohibit or obstruct vehicular or public access to roads and other area without express permission.

9.  Permittee shall at all times keep the above-described property and facilities in good and sightly condition so far as it may be affected by the Permittee’s operation.

10. A performance bond may be required.  In the event that the Permittee damages Department property, or fails, neglects or refuses to comply with any of the conditions herein contained, all rights of the Permittee hereunder shall forthwith cease, and all or a portion of the performance bond shall be forfeited.  The determination of the amount of forfeiture shall be made by the Department and shall be based on damages assessed by the Department.

11. Where Permittee damages any Recreation and Park Department real or personal property, any final repair costs shall be determined by the Department General Manager in his or her sole discretion.  In addition, the City shall select and approve the contractors that will conduct any repair work on Recreation and Park Department property, in City’s sole discretion.  The General Manager may consult with the City’s Risk Manager and/or the Arts Commission (where property contains items under Arts Commission jurisdiction) in determining the final repair costs. Repair costs approved by the City will be billed to the Licensee and shall be paid by Licensee within ten (10) calendar days of receipt of such invoice.

12. Permittee shall comply with all Federal, State and City laws and regulations.


Application Processing

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT:  The above information is complete and correct to the best of my knowledge.  I understand that the permit is granted on the basis of the information supplied in the application, and that the permit may be denied or revoked if found to be incorrect and/or incomplete. If my event changes, I must file a new amended application. I further understand that the City may monitor the event, and that failure to comply with any conditions placed on the permit approval or local law my result in the immediate revocation of the permit. *

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