Approved Public Benefit Preclearance Independent Teams

Deadlines Vary by Season or League of Play but Must Be Approved
Before You Solicit or Advertise to Players

Who: Independent Teams who intend to participate in a non-SF Based Travel League and want to preclear that they will be eligible for Approved Public Benefit Status

Important: Independent Teams who are playing in SF Local Competitive League do not need to complete this form



Submit this Form ONLY IF

1. You are intending to play in a non SF Local Travel League (a league not scheduled by a SF based league) AND

2. You are seeking preliminary approval of Approved Public Benefit Status so that you can determine your fees to charge team members AND

3. You are not part of a club.  If you are part of a club, the club must submit for preliminary approval by going to APBO Club Approval A team will be considered part of a club if:

    • The team is branded with a club name: OR
    • The team’s players team fee payments through a centralized organization (as opposed to a family on the team pooling funds for that team only and hiring a coach


  • Adequacy of Disclosure: The team must provide adequeate disclosure of its fees, playing league and other requireents.
  • Residency: The team must plan to meet the SF Residency Requirement
  • Scholarships: The team must meet the SFRPD scholarship requirement
  • Good Standing: The team and coach must be in good standing.
  • Independent: The team is not part of a club.
  • Go to APBO Travel Team Rules for more details.
Note: The team does not need to submit a filing fee at this time. Fees will be submitted by individual teams when team formation is completed and you apply for your fields.

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Please List Every Expected Coach or Trainer and Identify Head Coach *
 Type of CoachLast NameFirst NameLicensePaid/Volunteer


Is Your Team Committed to The Following Residency Requirements: *
I understand that once teams are formed and before fields are allocated each team will need to submit complete APBO form with rosters in the excel form required including names and addresses of players on each team and we will need to provide RPD with evidence of residency. *



Teams must provide transparent, detailed information regarding fees, scholarships, costs, programs, tryouts, playing time rules and guest polices. Such information must be provided to any interested parent, posted on a website if possible and submitted have been submitted to SFRPD prior to tryouts or registration.


Has your team or any coach affiliated with it been found to violate SFRPD field permits, residency requirements, tryout requirements in the previous 12 months or been found to misrepresent information in prior APBO applications. *


Are You affiliated with any club for any training or other purposes *


I confirm that this form is complete and accurate: *

Do Not Hit SUBMIT Until You Are Done This Form Can Not Be Changed Once Completed