Aileen Osofsky Goodwill Member of the Year
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Please note:  nominations may be made only by a Unit/District official in good standing.


GOODWILL COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Rebecca Brown, Richard Brown, Judy Fendrick, Carol Hamilton, Joo-Hee Janicki, David Johnson, Marilyn Vilhauer

Nominate a Goodwill Member of the Year.  Please fill out this form and hit the submit button when done.
An ACBL Goodwill Member of the year shall be selected annually.  The honorary title shall be presented to the ACBL member who has exhibited unselfish dedication to the causes of good conduct, worthy participation and ethical behavior.  The Goodwill Committee shall review all nominations and present its recommendations for ACBL Goodwill Member of the year at each Fall Meeting of the Board.
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Examples of the types of comments one might make about a candidate: 
     How does the nominee exemplify friendliness?
     Is s/he gracious to opponents and partners?
     How does s/he behave at the table?
     Is s/he supportive of partner?
     Does s/he have a welcoming attitude?
     Is s/he cooperative, does s/he give back to the game and the bridge community?
     Any other thoughts/ideas?
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