As a volunteer-driven, non-profit organization the Tournament of Roses Association brings people together to create premier events and entertainment celebrating the New Year. The Tournament of Roses enriches the lives of the many people and organizations it touches by providing satisfying, meaningful and rewarding experiences.

Purpose of Intern Program:
Provide a mutually beneficial partnership between the Tournament of Roses Association and college students within the Pasadena/Los Angeles community.

Eligibility Requirements:
              ● Place of residence, employment, or college must be within 15 miles of Pasadena City Hall (100 N. Garfield Ave.                                 Pasadena CA 91101)
              ● Minimum of 2.5 cumulative GPA
              ● Minimum enrollment of 6 units
              ● One letter of reference attesting to the applicant’s character, dependability, enthusiasm, and commitment to                                    community service. Reference may be from a teacher, club advisor or community organization
              ● Minimum 18 years of age as of application due date
              ● Participate in an Interview on one of these dates: 10/7, 10/8, or 10/12/2019
              ● Participate in two these three events this fall - Float test, Float 101 or Float Decorating Tour
              ● Complete this application by October 12, 2019

Volunteer Availability:
              ● Volunteer an estimated 20-40 hours 
              ● Be available in October, November & December
              ● Availability for volunteer duties from December 26th, 2019 through January 5th, 2020 including New Year's Eve &                            New Year's Day (specific dates dubject to committee assignment)
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Summary of Committees:
FORMATION AREA (FA): The FA Committee is responsible for the tasks that occur before the parade steps off right through the last float departs from the area. The FA is also responsible for securing Orange Grove and the surrounding streets during the night of Dec. 31 until around noon on Jan. 1.  Interns will be assigned alongside Tournament members to staff barricades, answering questions and providing information to motorists, parade guests and area residents.  There will be a work day a few days prior to the parade, to set up barricades and post signage in the area.

Tentative Schedule for Formation Area Committee Interns

November 4 (Monday) 5:30pm Tournament House
December 12 (Thursday) 5:30 pm Tournament House
December 20 (Thursday) 5:30pm Tournament House
Work Day December 27 (Friday) 8:00am-Noon Tournament House Front Lawn
December 31 (Tuesday) time TBD, Formation Area
Wrap-Up January 7 (Tuersday) 5:00pm Tournament House

PARADE OPERATIONS (PO): The Parade Operations Committee integrates all Rose Parade participants into the parade per the official line-up, and accompanies the Parade entries from the Formation Area to the Post Parade disbanding locations.  Interns assigned to this committee will be paired with a Tournament of Roses member stationed along the parade route.  Responsibilities include public relations, answering questions, assisting with crowd control and interacting the visitors along the parade route.  If assigned to a committee shuttle van, interns will also assist the driver with navigation and communications.


Tentative Schedule for Parade Operations Committee Interns

November 20 (Wednesday) 5:00pm Tournament House
December 19 (Thursday) 5:00pm Tournament House
December 28 (Saturday) 1:00 pm Post Parade Area
January 1 (Wednesday) 5:00 am, various locations along Parade route
Wrap-Up January 29 (Wednesday) 5:00pm Tournament House

POST PARADE (PP):  The Post Parade Committee receives the float entries at the end of the Parade route and directs them to assigned positions for the Post Parade Showcase of Floats. The PP viewing area is on Sierra Madre Blvd. and Washington Blvd, around Pasadena High School.  Interns will assist with greeting visitors and telling them about the floats, resident relations, other duties as assigned.  The PP committee will also have a work day to set up the Post Parade area prior to the parade.
Tentative Schedule for Post Parade Committee Interns

November 7 (Thursday) 5:30pm Salvation Army, 960 E. Walnut St.
December 17 (Tuesday) 5:30pm Salvation Army, 960 E. Walnut St.
Work Day December 31 (Tuesday) 8am-12:00pm Post Parade Area
January 1 (Wednesday) 10am  - 5:00pm Post Parade Area
January 2 (Thursday) 7am - 5:00pm Post Parade Area
Wrap-Up January 21 (Tuesday) 5:30pm Tournament House

ALUMNI SOCIAL MEDIA (ASM): The Alumni/Social Media Committee gathers and creates content for use by the Association utilizing social media platforms to inform and engage members and the pubic.  Interns will need to have reliable  transportation, be tech and media savvy, able to photograph, tweet, and post on various media sites. The time commitment is significant as the interns are required at numerous events for various committees, including those related to Formation Area, Post Parade, Parade Ops, Equestrian, Music, etc.
Tentative Schedule for Alumni Social Media Committee Interns

November 19 (Tuesday) 5:30pm Tournament House
December 17 (Tuesday) 5:30pm Tournament House
Various shifts December 27 - January 2, locations and times TBA
Wrap-Up January 7 (Tuesday) 5:30pm Tournament House

DECORATING PLACES (DP): The Decorating Places Committee manages the public viewing of floats at two  locations (Pasadena and Irwindale), acts as host to the public, arranges tours, and maintains safety and security at these locations.  Attendees can watch as thousands of volunteers transform the floats into amazing floral works of art.  There are two locations, one in Pasadena, and the other in Irwindale.  Interns will help to guide the public though the viewing area, provide tours, answer questions, and assist as needed.  
Tentative Schedule for Decorating Places Interns
October 23 (Wednesday) 5:30 pm Tournament House
November 12 (Tuesday) 5:30 pm Tournament House
December 17 (Tuesday) 5:30pm Tournament House
Work Day December 27 (Friday) times and locations TBA
Float Viewing December 28 -31 times and locations TBA
Wrap-up January 8 (Wednesday) 5:30pm, Tournament House
EQUESTRIAN (EQ): The Equestrian Committee is responsible for the invitation and coordination of the equestrian participants in each year's Rose Parade.  Interns will assist with one or more of the following events: Equestrian Reception, Equestfest, and the Marshals Breakfast. Equestfest is a public showcase of all the equestrian units, held at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center from 11:00 am - 3:00 pm. Interns will be expected to help with setting up, providing general information to the public, and ticket distribution/collection.
Tentative Schedule for Equestrian Interns

November 7 (Thursday) 5:00pm Tournament House
December 5 (Thursday) 5:00pm Tournament House
Equestfest December 29 (Sunday) time TBA,  LA Equestrian Center
Wrap-Up January 14 (Tuesday) 5:00pm Tournament House

MUSIC (MU): The Music Committee manages the invitation and participation of the Rose Parade marching bands, and executes the following events: Bandfest (a public showcase of the bands at PCC), the Band Directors Working Breakfast, the Band Directors Brunch, Incomong Band Directors orientation/dinner.    Interns will be assigned to assist with one or more of these events greeting attendees, assisting with public relations, answering questions, ticket collection, program distribution, escorting bands as needed for Bandfest, etc.
Tentative Schedule for Music Interns

November 5 (Tuesday) 5:30pm Tournament House
Parade Walk-Through December 7 (Saturday) 8:30 am Del Mar
December 10 (Tuesday) 5:30pm Tournament House
Bandfest I December 29 (Sunday) time TBA  Pasadena City College
Bandfest II & III December 30 (Monday) time TBA Pasadena City College
Parade January 1 (Wednesday) 5:00 am location TBD
Wrap-Up January 9 (Tuesday) 5:30pm Tournament House
FLOAT CONSTRUCTION (FC):  The Float Construction Committee is responsible for quality assurance and oversight of the construction of Rose Parade floats ensuring adherence to mechanical, technical and safety guidelines. The committee coordinates movement of floats from building sites to the parade Formation Area,  plans and hosts the Float Operators Dinner. Interns are exoected to assist with all of the above and will require a reference letter from an Auto Mechanics instructor to be placed on the committee.
Tentative Schedule for Float Construction Interns
Float Tests (Saturday mornings), specific dates, times locations TBA
November 19 (Tuesday) 5:30pm, Tournament House
December 18 (Wednesday) 5:30pm, Tournament House
Wrap-up January 14 (Tuesday), 5:30pm, Tournament House
After reading the summaries of each committee and meeting dates, please list your committee preference in order (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8). *
*Reference letter from Auto Mechanics Instructor required.
Please select your preferred interview date/time from the choices below. *
An orientation for all interns will be held on Saturday October 19, 9:00 - 11:00 am at Tournament House.  If you have any questions regarding the College Intern Program, or the application, contact Eric Hayne at
I acknowledge that I meet all of the requirements stated above and are available for volunteer duties from December 26th, 2019 through January 2nd, 2020 including New Year's Eve & New Year's Day.
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