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We ship to any address within the United States.
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Política de Trocas de Produto

If it is necessary to exchange the product (manufacturing defect, lack of components, etc.), we have to:
1) The exchange will be made only within 30 days of receiving the product.
2) The product must be returned to our address in its original packaging with the manuals and all accompanying components and accessories - used products, without labels, manuals and outside the original packaging will not be exchanged.
3) MacroBaby will not exchange the following products: breast pumps, underwear, such as a bra, brace, etc., bath items, creams, lotions, cosmetics in general, products damaged by misuse, or
out of the original packaging or without all accessories that come with the product.
4) For more information on how to make the exchange, the customer must report the problem, send photos (if necessary) to our customer service via email:
5) If there is a breakage or damage to the product caused by shipping, the person responsible for the refund will be the insurance hired by the carrier for all Macrobaby orders.