Date:DayField/ComplexField Is:Additional Information:
04/23/2022SatAll Grass Fields & DiamondsOpen
04/22/2022FriOther See BelowClosedJackson - diamonds are closed Balboa D4 - Sweeney Presidio Wall J. Serra Christopher Upper Noe St. Mary's Holly Park Louis Sutter D2
04/22/2022FriOther See BelowOpenJackson - open for permitted soccer practices and the pinto practice (work around any puddles) Moscone Presidio Wall Marina Green Rossi Laurel Hill Mountain Lake Jackson VMD Potrero Hill Grattan Hamilton Crocker Crocker Herz Excelsior Louis Sutter Bayview Palega Youngblood Vis Valley Gilman Aptos J. Serra Midtown West Portal West Sunset Soccer West Sunset Baseball Larsen McCoppin Parkside Sunset Rec Balboa Glen Park Miraloma Christopher Upper Noe Eureka Valley Dolores Park Rolph St. Mary's Holly Park Polo Fields Kezar Boxer Big Rec Little Rec Polo Balboa D1, D2, D3 (Sunberg) Bayview Palega Youngblood Vis Valley Gilman Louis Sutter D1 Grattan Hamilton Laurel Hill
04/21/2022ThurAll Grass Fields & DiamondsClosedSF Tots may operate at Upper Noe as scheduled and then that field will be closed.
04/17/2022SunMoscone RecOther See BelowD1 is a bit wet. We are hoping it dries. Please use your judgement.
04/17/2022SunChristopher PgdOpenWe have worked on this field and expect it to be playable by game time of 12pm.
04/17/2022SunBalboa BaseballOther See BelowD1, 2, 3 open (Sunberg) Sweeney (D4) CLOSED
04/17/2022SunPolo FieldsOpenwe expect most grass fields to be closed but this one is open
04/16/2022SatAll Grass Fields & DiamondsClosed
04/15/2022FriOther See BelowClosedParkside Sunset Rec Rossi 2 Upper Noe Eureka Valley
04/15/2022FriOther See BelowOpenMarina Green St. Mary's Holly Park Rossi 1 Jackson Potrero Hill VMD West Sunset Soccer West Sunset Baseball McCoppin Larsen Balboa Christopher Miraloma Glen Park Palega Youngblood
04/14/2022ThurOther See BelowOpenContinued rain will close these fields, but they are currently playable. Use your best judgement. Moscone Marina Green Jackson VMD Potrero Hill West Sunset Soccer Rolph
04/14/2022ThurOther See BelowClosedPresidio Wall Grattan Hamilton Crocker Louis Sutter Aptos J. Serra West Sunset Baseball Larsen McCoppin Parkside Sunset Rec Balboa Glen Park Miraloma Christopher Upper Noe Eureka Valley St. Mary's Holly Park Big Rec Little Rec
04/11/2022MonOther See BelowOpenWest Sunset Soccer West Sunset D2, D3 West Sunset D1 - GAME ONLY (practice is cancelled - stay off field) Marina Green Little Rec McCoppin Parkside Rossi Palega Aptos Big Rec Hamilton Jackson VMD Potrero Hill Crocker D2, D3
04/11/2022MonOther See BelowClosedMoscone Upper Noe Eureka Valley St. Mary's Holly Park Rolph Balboa Christopher Miraloma Glen Park Larsen Sunset Rec Presidio Wall Vis Valley Louis Sutter Crocker D1, D4, D5
03/28/2022MonOther See BelowOther See BelowStill gathering info for the following fields so stay tuned. If you have a SOCCER permit for one of these fields then you may practice today. We are waiting on info to determine if baseball/softball can be played. Mtn Lake Herz Excelsior
03/28/2022MonOther See BelowClosedLaurel Hill Grattan West Sunset Baseball Larsen McCoppin Sunset Rec Big Rec Little Rec Louis Sutter
03/28/2022MonOther See BelowOpenMoscone Marina Green Hamilton Aptos J. Serra Midtown West Portal West Sunset Soccer Balboa Glen Park Miraloma Christopher Upper Noe Eureka Valley Rolph St. Mary's Holly Park Parkside Crocker Bayview Palega Youngblood Vis Valley Gilman Presidio Wall Rossi Jackson VMD Potrero Hill
03/19/2022SatAll Grass Fields & DiamondsOther See BelowCLOSED Fields as of 9:10am- Upper Noe Eureka Valley As of 8:15am we have not received enough rain to close fields. Once the storm hits, we are asking for users to stop use of ball diamonds (especially full sized diamonds with mounds) and use your BEST judgement when determining when to stop play.
03/15/2022TuesOther See BelowUndecided- Check Back after: 1pmLittle Rec
03/15/2022TuesOther See BelowOpenMarina Green Crocker Bayview Palega Youngblood Aptos Upper Noe Eureka Valley Rolph St. Mary's Holly Park Polo Fields Jackson VMD Potrero Hill Hamilton Grattan Rossi D1
03/15/2022TuesOther See BelowClosedMoscone Louis Sutter Vis Valley West Sunset Soccer West Sunset Baseball Larsen McCoppin Parkside Sunset Rec Balboa Glen Park Miraloma Christopher Big Rec Rossi D2
01/09/2022SunOther See BelowOther See BelowJackson - CLOSED Big Rec - CLOSED Balboa - CLOSED Moscone - CLOSED Upper Noe - Open for Tot Permit
01/08/2022SatOther See BelowOther See BelowParkside - Open Glen Park - outfield should be good enough for little kids Hamilton - should be okay for little kids Full size ball diamonds will be closed throughout the weekend
12/29/2021WedAll Grass Fields & DiamondsClosed
12/28/2021TuesAll Grass Fields & DiamondsClosed
12/27/2021MonAll Grass Fields & DiamondsClosedFields continue to be closed. We need some sun and wind to help us them dry out.
12/16/2021ThurAll Grass Fields & DiamondsClosed
12/15/2021WedAll Grass Fields & DiamondsClosed
12/14/2021TuesOther See BelowClosedAll grass fields are CLOSED except for Parkside and Rossi. Parkside & Rossi are OPEN
12/13/2021MonAll Grass Fields & DiamondsClosed
11/19/2021FriAll Grass Fields & DiamondsOther See BelowThe following fields are CLOSED today: Moscone Balboa Sunberg and Sweeney (Also will be closed Sat, Nov 20) All other fields are open for PERMITTED play.
11/10/2021WedOther See BelowOpenGlen Park D1 Balboa GA near pool (the diamonds are CLOSED) Potrero Rec West Sunset Soccer Larsen McCoppin Parkside Rossi Palega Vis Valley
11/10/2021WedOther See BelowClosedGlen Park D2 Balboa Miraloma Christopher Moscone Jackson Aptos St. Mary's Holly Park Grattan Hamilton Eureka Valley Upper Noe Rolph West Sunset Baseball Sunset Rec Crocker Big Rec Louis Sutter
11/09/2021TuesAll Grass Fields & DiamondsClosed
11/05/2021FriAll Grass Fields & DiamondsOther See BelowThe following fields are CLOSED: Sunset Rec St. Mary's D2 (outfield is okay) Balboa Sunberg and Sweeney Big Rec Moscone Rolph Other fields are open for PERMITTED play.
11/04/2021ThurOther See BelowOpenRossi Outfield for soccer Potrero Hill Aptos Little Rec Larsen Parkside McCoppin Marina Green
11/04/2021ThurOther See BelowClosedSt. Mary's Diamonds Holly D Rossi D (outfield ok) Jackson Moscone Presidio Wall Louis Sutter Vis Valley Glen Park Christopher Balboa Miraloma Grattan Hamilton Palega Herz Youngblood West Sunset baseball and soccer Sunset Rec Big Rec
11/03/2021WedAll Fields Except (see next)OpenThese fields are CLOSED: St Mary's D2 Moscone Balboa baseball & softball Rolph Sunset Rec Big Rec Other fields open for PERMITTED activities only.
11/02/2021TuesOther See BelowOpenParkside Larsen Jackson 2 Potrero Hill Miraloma Christopher Glen Park (outfield ONLY) Holly Park St. Mary's (outfield ONLY) Eureka Valley Upper Noe Marina Green Palega Grattan Hamilton Rossi Aptos
11/02/2021TuesOther See BelowClosedMcCoppin Jackson 1 West Sunset Baseball & Soccer Sunset Rec Moscone Balboa Big Rec Rolph Crocker Louis Sutter Vis Valley
11/01/2021MonAll Grass Fields & DiamondsClosed
10/29/2021FriAll Grass Fields & DiamondsOpenFields are open for play for soccer and softball. Full size hard ball diamonds with mounds are closed - they are still slippery. Big Rec West Sunset 1 Moscone 4 Balboa Sunberg and Sweeney St. Mary's D2 Stay off baseball mounds please.
10/28/2021ThurAll Fields Except (see next)OpenMost fields are open for PERMITTED activities, but these fields are CLOSED: Balboa - Sunberg & Sweeney St. Mary's D2 West Sunset Baseball
10/27/2021WedOther See BelowClosedSunset Rec West Sunset Baseball Rolph 2 (waiting for confirmation 1 is playable) Moscone Glen Park Balboa - Sunberg and Sweeney Big Rec St. Mary's D2
10/27/2021WedOther See BelowOpenJackson 2 West Sunset Soccer Larsen Parkside McCoppin Eureka Valley Upper Noe Little Rec - Stay in the Northeast part of the field. Marina Green Palega Youngblood Bayview Gilman Balboa Softball 1 & 2 Miraloma Christopher Rossi Crocker St. Mary's D1 Grattan Hamilton Holly Aptos
10/27/2021WedJackson PlgdClosedThis is for Jackson 1
10/26/2021TuesAll Fields Except (see next)ClosedAll fields are closed except for the following fields which are OPEN: Potrero Hill Larsen Parkside - Find the dry spots; stay off the mud Marina Green - Find the dry spots; stay off the mud
10/25/2021MonAll Grass Fields & DiamondsClosed
10/24/2021SunAll Grass Fields & DiamondsClosedEvery status report is that fields are just too wet for play. We appreciate you staying OFF the fields.
10/23/2021SatOther See BelowOther See BelowThe following fields to be playable for permitted activities on Saturday, Oct 23: Marina Green Rossi Louis Sutter Palega West Sunset Soccer Larsen McCoppin Parkside Glen Park These fields are just too muddy and CLOSED: Jackson Potrero Hill Grattan Hamilton West Sunset Baseball Balboa Big Rec Little Rec Crocker Upper Noe Eureka Valley
10/22/2021FriOther See BelowClosedBalboa Glen Park Miraloma Christopher Crocker diamonds Herz Excelsior Bayview Upper Noe Eureka Valley Big Rec Grattan Hamilton Jackson Louis Sutter Parkside Palega West Sunset (baseball and soccer) Aptos Moscone Little Rec
10/22/2021FriOther See BelowOpenMarina Green Potrero Hill Civic Center (but doesn't have fresh lines) Rossi
10/21/2021ThurAll Grass Fields & DiamondsClosed
10/20/2021WedEureka ValleyClosedMost fields will remain open today unless rain worsens. Please check back later for possible updates. Do NOT use a field if it is saturated.
03/19/2021FriOther See BelowClosedMoscone - closed Presidio Wall - closed
01/30/2021SatAll Grass Fields & DiamondsClosed
01/27/2021WedAll Grass Fields & DiamondsClosed
12/17/2020ThurOther See BelowOther See BelowPrecita - open Upper Noe - closed Eureka Valley- closed
11/17/2020TuesAll Grass Fields & DiamondsOther See BelowPlease stay away from puddles and go not use grass fields if they are saturated.
11/13/2020FriAll Grass Fields & DiamondsOther See BelowPlease use your best judgment and avoid puddles. If the grass is too wet, please do not use the grass.
03/08/2020SunOther See BelowOpenPermitted Fields are open for play: Balboa Big Rec Boxer Glen Park Jackson McCoppin Moscone Parkside Polo Rolph Upper Noe West Sunset Baseball West Sunset Soccer Please stay off fields if you do not have a permit.
03/07/2020SatOther See BelowClosedBig Rec Crocker Eureka Valley Glen Park Grattan Jackson Larsen Laurel Hill McCoppin Moscone D1, D2, D3 Parkside Sunset Rec Upper Noe Vis Valley VMD West Sunset Baseball West Sunset Soccer
03/07/2020SatOther See BelowOpenField Status will change at many fields should it rain harder. These fields are currently open: Herz Holly Park Little Rec Louis Sutter Marina Green Moscone D4 Polo Fields Potrero Hill Presidio Wall (JK) Rossi
02/02/2020SunOther See BelowOther See BelowExcept for Big Rec and Upper Noe GA 2, other permitted fields are open. Please stay off fields if you do not have a permit.
02/01/2020SatOther See BelowOther See BelowExcept for Big Rec, all other permitted fields are open. Please stay off fields unless you have a permit.
01/31/2020FriOther See BelowOther See BelowBig Rec - Mounds are too wet, but ok to use deep outfields. Grass in between diamonds is also too wet. Crocker D2 - Mound is still wet so please use outfield. All other PERMITTED fields are open. If you do not have a permit, please stay off fields.
01/30/2020ThurOther See BelowOther See BelowBig Rec - CLOSED Crocker D2 - CLOSED Other permitted fields are open. Non-permitted fields have not been checked for saturation so please stay off.
01/29/2020WedOther See BelowClosedBig Rec Crocker D2 Laurel Sunset Rec Jackson D1 Larsen
01/29/2020WedOther See BelowOpenCrocker 1 Moscone Presidio Wall Potrero Hill VMD Rossi St. Mary's Balboa Jackson D2 EVRC West Sunset Parkside McCoppin Other fields may be added to this list so check back.
01/28/2020TuesAll Grass Fields & DiamondsClosed
01/27/2020MonOther See BelowOpenJackson D2 Potrero Hill VMD Rossi D1 West Sunset McCoppin Larsen Moscone D1, D2, D4 Parkside Balboa D2, D3 Miraloma Christopher Glen Park infield of D2 Rolph D1
01/27/2020MonOther See BelowClosedJackson D1 Rossi D2 Laurel Hill Sunset Rec St. Mary's Crocker Balboa D1, D4 Glen Park D1 Glen Park outfield of D2 Rolph D2 Big Rec
01/26/2020SunAll Grass Fields & DiamondsClosed
01/25/2020SatOther See BelowOther See BelowPlease use fields only if you have a reservation and do not see any standing water, puddles, or your shoes make a squishy sound when walking on it. Balboa D1, D2 - CLOSED Jackson- Open Potrero Hill - Open McCoppin- Open Hamilton- Open Moscone D1 - Open Presidio Wall Outfield - Open Glen Park Outfield ONLY- Open
01/21/2020TuesAll Grass Fields & DiamondsClosed
01/19/2020SunOther See BelowOther See BelowUpper Noe Outfield- Open All full sized baseball diamonds- CLOSED (mounds are too wet) Balboa D1 - Closed Balboa D2 - Open St. Mary's - Closed Use caution on permitted fields. If there are puddles, standing water, or grass makes a squishy sound when stepped on then please do not play.
01/18/2020SatOther See BelowClosedBalboa D1 Balboa Sunberg Balboa Sweeney Upper Noe Any other field that makes a "squishy" sound when you walk on it, puddles, standing water
01/17/2020FriAll Grass Fields & DiamondsClosed
01/16/2020ThurAll Grass Fields & DiamondsClosed
12/30/2019MonAll Grass Fields & DiamondsClosed
12/29/2019SunAll Grass Fields & DiamondsOther See BelowUse caution on permitted fields. Do not use if there are puddles, standing water or the grass is "squishy" when you walk on it.
12/23/2019MonAll Grass Fields & DiamondsClosed
12/22/2019SunAll Grass Fields & DiamondsClosed
12/21/2019SatAll Grass Fields & DiamondsOther See BelowUse caution and good judgment before playing on permitted fields today
12/20/2019FriAll Grass Fields & DiamondsClosed
12/19/2019ThurAll Grass Fields & DiamondsClosed
12/17/2019TuesJackson PlgdOther See BelowD1 - Closed D2 - Open
12/16/2019MonOther See BelowOther See BelowPermitted fields are open for play. Be sure to avoid standing water and puddles and do not play if the grass feels "squishy" when you walk on it.
12/14/2019SatAll Grass Fields & DiamondsClosed
12/13/2019FriAll Grass Fields & DiamondsClosed
12/12/2019ThurAll Grass Fields & DiamondsClosed
12/11/2019WedAll Grass Fields & DiamondsClosed
12/10/2019TuesAll Grass Fields & DiamondsClosed
12/09/2019MonAll Grass Fields & DiamondsClosed
12/08/2019SunAll Grass Fields & DiamondsClosed
12/07/2019SatAll Grass Fields & DiamondsClosed
12/06/2019FriAll Grass Fields & DiamondsClosed
12/05/2019ThurAll Grass Fields & DiamondsClosed
12/03/2019TuesAll Grass Fields & DiamondsClosed
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