This is a questionnaire for interest in adopting a Pawsitive Karma Pet. Please fill out this application truthfully and exact. A representative will be contacting you shortly. Thank you for your interest in adopting a rescue pet!

Adoption Policies: Individuals must meet the following criteria in order to adopt an animal from PKR.

- At least 18 years of age
- Provide government issued identification showing your name and current address - If you are renting, you must have the consent of your landlord to keep the animal, and have paid your pet deposit prior to adoption
- Under no circumstances are you to surrender the animal to a shelter or any other location besides PKR, without the express permission of PKR
- You must take the animal to a qualified veterinarian within 25 days of adoption, and obtain all necessary vaccinations on schedule
- Register the animal's microchip with your owner information within 24 hours of adoption
- Agree to send follow-up reports on animal well-being when requested by PKR within 24 hours of the request
- Agree to a high-quality diet for your new pet that has been approved by PKR
Questions on this questionnaire are created based on research and common reasons for animal neglect or adoption returns. Please answer these questions with detail and honesty. All information received from our questionnaires is used for screening purposes only. 

Adopter Info

Do you have a significant other? *
Do you have a roommate? *
Is your roommate okay with you adopting a pet? *
Do you have children? *
Please list at least two character references (who are NOT current or former family members or your significant other) with name, phone number, and email.
*This information is used for screening purposes only. We will only call your character references if we mutually decide to proceed with the adoption. The standard practice is for us to contact two references. We will provide notice before this happens.*
Character Reference #1
Character Reference #2
Character Reference #3 (The third reference will only be contacted in the event that an additional reference is needed)

Current and Past Pets

Do you currently own pets? *
Have you ever adopted from a rescue before? *
Have you ever given up/rehomed a pet? *
Have you ever declawed a pet before? *

New Pet

What age range do you prefer? (Please check all that apply) *

Kittens tend to have a lot of energy. We suggest considering a pair when adopting a kitten to help redirect their energy and wrestling needs to their other cat friend. Although this is not a requirement to adopt.

If you are committing to adopt a kitten, please understand that as kittens grow and start their teenage phase, they become more agile and rambunctious. They will get into everything and will have a lot energy. It is a lot of responsibility. Are you ready for this type of commitment? 

Would you be open to considering a cat pair? *
Where will your pet be primarily kept? *
Will your pet ever have access to the outdoors? *
Do you currently have a dog door installed in your home? *
On average per day, how many hours will you be away from your pet? *
What amount would you spend on emergency care for your pet? *
We recommend purchasing items (if you do not already have them) to entertain your pet while you are away as well as supplies to ensure that they have a happy and healthy life.

Please check all the items you are willing to provide. *
How did you hear about Pawsitve Karma Rescue? *
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