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Pawsitive Karma Rescue (PKR) reserves the right to deny an application.

This is a foster application and contract to become foster parent with Pawstive Karma Rescue. We primarily specialize in all cat cases and easy dog cases. Please fill all the information below truthfully. A foster screener will be contacting you via phone to discuss the application and answer any questions you might have about fostering with us. Thank you for your interest in helping us save more lives!

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Fostering with PKR

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Cat Fostering

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2 crate maximum, need to have room to separate each crate (1 litter=1 crate, or 1 single adult=1crate)

Dog Fostering

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Foster Parent Safety:

Pawsitive Karma Rescue, and any business or organization partnering with Pawsitive Karma Rescue, are not responsible for any injuries or medical cost in the event an animal injures a human or other animal. We also cannot be responsible if an animal passes on a disease or an internal or external parasite to any human or other animal. We highly suggest our fosters have medical health insurance when fostering in case of an emergency. We cannot be liable for any cost if there is an emergency. We are also not responsible for any costs if an animal were to destroy property of the caregiver, caregiver's household, or other's property. If you ever feel unsafe with a foster you are to contact a Pawsitive Karma Representative immediately.

Animal Safety: As a caregiver with Pawsitive Karma Rescue you are agreeing to all required foster guidelines in the "Foster Guidelines Manual". You are agreeing that you are subject to random home checks by a Pawsitive Karma Rescue representative. A representative is also allowed to check on any Pawsitive Karma animal at any time. You are agreeing to never take your foster to a shelter or adopt out your foster without Pawsitive Karma Rescue's approval. If asked, you agree to immediately return an animal to a lead Pawsitive Karma representative. We do not have a mass number of foster homes. You are agreeing to keep your PKR foster animal(s) until they are adopted into homes that have been approved by PKR. It is your responsibility to contact a lead Pawsitive Karma representative if there is an emergency situation with a Pawsitive Karma Rescue animal. If you or anyone in your household does re-home one of PKR's animals with out PKR's permission or abandones it we hold the right to take further legal action. If you or anyone in your household where to ever injure or neglect a Pawsitive Karma Rescue animal it will be reported law enforcement and a case will be created. Failure to report a injury or neglect of a Pawsitive Karma Rescue animal caused by the caregiver, caregiver household member, or any other person will also be reported to law enforcement. This includes any accidental injuries to a Pawsitive Karma Rescue animal. All accidental injuries have a right to be investigated.

Animal Health:

Pawsitive Karma Rescue cannot and does not guarantee the health or disposition of any Pawsitive Karma Rescue foster animal. We cannot be responsible for any injuries or cross contamination between animals or people as stated in "foster safety". We do not always have history on the animals in the program or medical records. You are required to keep your foster animal isolated from any other animals until a wellness check is preformed stating the animal is in good health. Average isolation period is 7-14 days. This can very depending on the animals health. You agree not to, in anyway, alter the animal. You will not declaw or crop any part of the body. Any surgeries, amputations, or ear cropping have to be approved by a vet and a Pawsitive Karma lead. Any signs of illness, declining health, or unusual behavior have to be reported immediately to a Pawsitive Karma lead or approved medical technician.

Animal Returns:

Any animal part of Pawsitive Karma Rescue is owned by Pawsitive Karma Rescue until an adoption contract has been completed and signed by an adopter. You do not have any rights to the animal, you are agreeing that the animal is the property of Pawsitive Karma Rescue and therefor can be asked to be returned to a lead Pawsitive Karma Rescue representative at anytime. You are required to return a animal owned by Pawsitive Karma Rescue within 24 hours of a request being sent. A animal can never be transferred to another home, organization, or shelter without the approval of a Pawsitive Karma Rescue representative.

Agreement and Accuracy of Information:

By signing below, I agree to everything stated above and in the "Foster Guidelines Manual". I am stating that all the information in this application is correct and agree to a contract with Pawsitive Karma Rescue as a volunteer foster parent. I agree to provide updated information in a timely matter to a Pawsitive Karma Lead if any of the points in this contract change. I also agree that I am 18 years of age or above.

By signing below, you certify that you have read, understand, and agree to uphold the terms of this contract. By typing your name below you are electronically signing this contract.


Thank you for applying to be a foster!