Mortgage Atlanta Refi Form

Please note that we are getting a large number of refi requests in every day.  We spend, on average, over an hour going over numebrs and terms with each client.  This process takes time and we never like to rush our clients.  We are answering each request in the order it is recieved.  At any given time it may take 1 to 5 business days to hear back from us depending on volume.  

I. Your Info

Are you the borrower or the co-borrower? *
Are you a past client *

II. Current Mortgage Info

Current Loan Type *
How many years did you finance your current loan for? *

III. Property Information

Purpose of Loan *
This property is *

IV. Desired New Loan

Reason for refi? (check all that apply) *
Desired new loan term (in years) *
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