Claim for Community Association Property Damage; Personal Liability, & Directors & Officers Liability

If you have been notified or are aware of a Claim for being made against Board or Association by a third party, please complete this form.

Report of Incident

Description of the Incident

If you have a completed Incident Form, please attach or request a form for Owner's completion. 
Be as detailed as possible listing, who, when, and what happened, then complete the appropriate section(s) below (Personal Injury and/or Property).  If this is a third-party claim, please provide copies of any correspondence received.  If there is a law suit, please attache at your earliest convenience.

Was this a weather-related claim? *
Has any action been taken by the management company other than reporting to us? *
Have you sent a maintenance person to checkout reported issue? Please include their report. *

Personal Injury Claims

Type of Claim: *
Was a Child Injured? *
Was there a witness? *

Property Claim

Type of Claim: *
Is the current conditions the unit livable? *
Has a fire or water restoration company been contacted by owner's HO-6 carrier? *
Do you wish to only report this for record purposes only? *