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Open Transfer Applications can be submitted between January 1st through May 31st for the next school year. To apply for an open transfer, please complete this form in its entirety along with required documentation as listed later in this application to verify your home district residency. All required documentation can be uploaded to this form or submitted to the YPS Enrollment Center via email, fax or in-person. Please review the information below and click the NEXT button to proceed.

Important Information Regarding Open Transfers and OK State Law:

(1) No later than May 31st of the school year preceding the year the transfer is desired; parent/guardian may file an Open Transfer application to the Receiving District.

(2) No later than May 31st of the same year, the Receiving District must notify the resident district that a transfer application has been filed, and notification is via the Receiving District entering applications in the Wave online no later than May 31st.

(3) No later than July 1st the Receiving District 's board of education shall approve or deny Open Transfer applications, verified by entering the decision in the Wave online, and must notify the parent/guardian of their transfer decision.

(4) No later than August 1st a parent/guardian who was notified of an approved Open transfer shall provide written notice to the Receiving District that their child/student will be enrolling in the receiving district.  110 O.S. ยง 8-101,8-10J (OAC 210:10-1-18 {d) {I) No later than May 31st of the school year preceding the year the transfer is desired, parent/guardian may file an Open Transfer.

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