Paul Hutchins Commitment Award

Nomination Form 2024

Paul Hutchins was one of the most committed people to the game of tennis you could ever meet. Paul was a true hero of tennis in Britain, first as a player, then as a coach, captain, commentator and administrator – dedicating over 50 years of loyal service to the sport. He is also Britain’s longest servicing Davis Cup Captain. Paul was clearly committed to the game.

For anyone who didn’t know and for those who will remember, Paul established the National League competition that we all love (formerly National Club League and Team Tennis), which has now become the biggest team competition in the country.

In memory of Paul, each year we will be awarding the ‘Paul Hutchins Commitment Award’ for someone who has shown real commitment to the National League Competition. This could be a player, team captain or league organiser. Paul clearly showed so much commitment and dedication to the sport, in many different capacities, inspiring so many people – and we would like to recognise this each year, and award someone who has shown some of the qualities Paul clearly showed so well throughout his life and career.

Previous Winners:

2019 - Tony Lawson (Holcombe Brook Sports Club)

2021 - Simon Morris (Wrexham LTC)

2022 - Steve Tiddy (Sutton T&SC)

2023 - Katie Shaw (Edgbaston Priory Club)

You can nominate a player, team captain or league organiser for the 2024 award. Please view the online nomination form below

Each nominee will be sent a personalised trophy. Please detail below the postal address where the trophy should be sent to. Trophies will be sent at the end of the season in October time each year.