OCR - Certificate Upload and Reference Details

Before completing this form, you must have received all your OCR certificates so they are ready to be uploaded.
You will also need to fill out the contact details of your two references. You must have been in contact with them both in the last 6 months and must be the following:
- Be in a tennis capacity. 
- Be your most recent employer.
We cannot accept family members or friends. 
(Please let your references know we will be contacting them prior to completing this form)

Personal Details

If you do not have an LTA account, please create one here before submitting this form.

Certificate/s Upload

Please add all the countries required for an OCR check.
Country/ies you need an OCR from? * 🛈


Please provide the contact details below of your 2 references which we will contact.
Note: one reference must be in a tennis capacity and one must be your most recent employer

Reference 1

Reference 2

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