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Non-LTA Coach Qualifications

The LTA aims to welcome Tennis and Padel coaches with external qualifications or from international federations who have completed similar levels of quality coach training. The LTA Coaching Pathway is recognised by the ITF at the highest level, and we are only able to accept coaches who have completed equal amounts of training in a formal qualification setting. 

We are unable to give direct equivalence, however we can compare qualifications by the number of days of contact time that are led by a tutor, and whether the qualification includes a formal assessment at the end of it.

Depending on the qualifications you hold, there are two routes that we offer:

Access to our professional membership scheme - LTA Coach Accreditation

  • If your qualification is three days or more of tutor contact and includes an assessment, you are eligible to become Accredited. If you have between 3 and 14 days training and would like to join the LTA coach qualification pathway, you would be required to start with the LTA Assistant course.
  • If you are a Padel Coach you will be able to become eligible to be Accredited. 

Access to assessment on the LTA Coach Tennis Coaching Course

  • Coaches with a minimum of 15 days training (tutor led and including an assessment at the end of the course) are eligible to apply for an assessment on the LTA Coach Tennis Coaching Course. 
This form will help us tell you which of the above two options are available to you, and advise you of next steps.
If you encounter any problems while filling the form in, please contact the LTA Coach Qualifications Team at

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