Play County Change Request Form

The play county that appears on your Player Profile refers to the area you are entitled to represent in county competition or compete in county restricted competitions.

As this is a competition regulation there are certain criteria member's must meet in order to have their Play County changed. The full rules of county eligibility are explained in the Area Qulification Rules (Rule 66)  of the LTA Rules which are available on the LTA website.

In order to change Play County, a player must confirm:

  • Their place of birth or permanent residence at date of birth is in such area; or 
  • Their place of permanent residence has for at least one year immediately preceding the match or competition (six months in the case of Juniors) in such area.

Please attach a copy of this evidence below (Household bill or Birth certificate), without this evidence we will not be able to process the request.

Once we have received evidence of the above requirements, we will look into your request. 



Play County Request & Eligibility

Please attach a copy of your birth certificate or passport below.
Please attach a copy of a household bill or evidence of property purchase below.