LTA Coach Mentoring

This form is designed for two purposes:

  • Mentee applications

  • Mentee review

Mentee application
Please read the Undertaking 1-2-1 Mentoring document before completing the application.

By completing this form coaches who are interested in receiving mentoring (becoming a mentee), can submit a request to the LTA directly to be matched to one of the subject matter experts and qualified mentors. As part of the request, coaches will be required to complete the mentoring application. This will include information on:

  • You as a person and coach

  • Your competencies (strengths and weaknesses)

  • Your goals and ambitions

  • Your sponsor
Coaches (Mentees) should indicate their preferred mentor from the mentor biographies provided on the website The LTA will match a coach with their preferred mentor where possible (availability permitting). If the desired mentor has no current availability, we will help to match the coach to an alternative mentor, based on your Mentoring Needs Analysis. 
Mentee review
Coaches who have completed their mentoring should submit their mentee review to reflect on their mentoring journey.
This will include:
  • Reflecting on your self development and competencies

  • Upload of the mentoring log (signed by the mentee, mentor and sponsor)

  • Giving a testimonial for your mentor

  • Filling in a feedback survey and any other comments on the mentoring journey 

This will be used for approval of the mentoring relationship and allocation of CPD Credits.
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