LTA Tennis Awards 2023 Nomination Form


Please read the below information before submitting your nomination.
Writing and Submitting your nomination
You can nominate in as many categories as you wish and you have the option to save your progress should you wish to go back and edit your answers at a later time before submission. Alternatively you may wish to write a draft of your nomination in Word or similar and paste into the relevant boxes when you're ready to submit. 
When you are ready to submit, click the "submit" button at the end of the form.
You can nominate in any of the following categories:
- Volunteer of the Year (someone who volunteers in any capacity in tennis)
- Rising Star (someone 21 or under who volunteers or helps in any capacity in tennis)
- Lifetime Achievement (someone who has volunteered for over 30 years in any capacity in tennis)
- Development Coach (a coach who works on a "grassroots" / club / community level)
- Performance Coach (a coach who works with performance adults or juniors)
- Club of the Year (a tennis club of any shape and size)
- Official of the Year (any level of tennis Official)
- University of the Year (any University delivering tennis)
- School of the Year (any primary or secondary school delivering tennis)
- Tennis For All (an inclusion award for any individual, programme or project demonstrating inclusion)
- Connecting Communities (any programm, project or individual providing tennis in a community setting)
- Park Venue (any park venue delivering tennis)
- President's Award (any individual, venue or project deserving of recognition for something exceptional) 
The criteria for each category is listed when you select it on the form. You can also view the full criteria for all awards here.
Contact Details
You will be asked to provide your details for communication purposes. Providing the contact details of the nominee is optional but highly recommended as it enables us to communicate with them throughout the process. 
How much detail do you need to submit?
You will be asked the following information:
- a brief overview of why the nominee deserves to win the award
- how the nominee meets each part of the criteria
- videos/pictures/documents to support the nomination if you wish
The judging panels will be making decisions against the information you provide so you're encouraged to include as much as you can. However, please don't be put off if you don't have everything to hand because another nominator or your County Association can add further detail. You may also choose to write bullet points or list key facts.
Submitting a video nomination
If you would prefer to submit a nomination by video, there is the option to do this at the start of each category
Questions / Accessibility
If you have any questions please see our FAQs here or get in touch via the Contact Us form if your question is not answered in the FAQs.