Digital Download
ONE sheet is ONE (not ALL) of the following:
(4) wallets = 1 sheet
(2) 4x6s = 1 sheet
(1) 5x7 = 1 sheet
(1) 8x10 = 1 sheet
For black and white photos, 
please add BW after the DSC# when ordering below
Class Photo - may not be used as a sheet in packages listed above. Due to privacy and copyright laws, class photos are NOT included in digital download purchases.
Please select your package and enter the DSC number of the photo/s in the area provided below:
*Digital download of all files included with Pkg E
Add on sheets (select quantity):
Current Total:
Please enter the DSC# of your photos in the boxes below (you may enter more than one DSC# per size/box, separated by a comma), all photos printed in color unless noted BW following the DSC#)
 (4) wallets(2) 4x6s(1) 5x7(1) 8x10
Pkg A - 1 sheet
Pkg B - 3 sheets
Pkg C - 5 sheets
Pkg D - 8 sheets
Pkg E - 10 sheets*
Add-ons - available with purchase of packages B-E
Permission to use images for advertising purposes *
Payment Method *
**Please mail check to Jenn Shelansky, 108 Pine Street, East Hartland, CT 06027                       860-944-3233
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