SEMA International Measuring Program:
2013 4x4 Double Cab Ford Ranger T6 Registration Form

SEMA, in partnership with the US Department of Commerce, has brought a 2013 Ford Ranger T6 to the US. The one-ton pickup truck is being sold throughout the world but not in the US or Canada. The program is the second vehicle to be imported as part of the International Vehicle Measuring Program which makes available difficult-to-access vehicles so that members can measure in order to create export-ready product.

The new Ford Ranger, a body-on-frame, Australian- design,mid-sized truck is offered in three cab bodystyles – Double, Super and Regular.  The vehicle available to members is a 4x4 double cab with a 2.5L 5 speed gasoline engine.  The SEMA vehicle which we imported from the Middle East was assembled in South Africa. The top competitors to the Ranger are the Toyota Hilux, Nissan Navaro, Mitsubishi Triton and the Chevy/Holden Colorado.


Free of Charge - Open Only to SEMA Member Manufacturers


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Please contact Linda Spencer by e-mail at or by phone at (202) 415-8008 if you have any questions.
Also available to members beginning this summer is a ’12 double-cab 4x4 Toyota Hilux. The truck is a best-seller in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, throughout Europe, South Africa, southeast Asia, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand. When the vehicle was obtained in 2012, more than 14 million Hiluxes had been sold worldwide.  Contact Linda Spencer at if you are interested in measuring this vehicle.