All Dog Rescue of Florida Adoption Application


All Dog Rescue of Florida, Inc. (ADR) is responsible for the welfare of the cat/kittens we place.  ADR takes great care in selecting an appropriate home for each cat/kitten.  Please fully and carefully complete the following application to assist us in this endeavor.  

7. Do the other people in your home consent to you adopting a cat/kitten___________
Are you planning on letting this cat/kitten outdoors? *
15. Are you planning on declawing this cat/kitten? *
16. Are there other pets in the household? *
Are they all spayed/neutered?
18. Do your other pets get along with cats?
20. Do your other pets receive regular veterinary care?
23. Do you give ADR permission to contact your veterinarian?
24. Have you ever owned an animal before? *
27. Do you understand the responsibilities and commitment of cat ownership? (Medical, feeding, grooming, adhering to the veterinarian recommended vaccination schedule)? *
28. Do you understand that children and cats should not be left alone together unsupervised for the safety of both? *
29. Do you understand that routine veterinary care may be expensive for your cat? *
30. And that it may cost approximately $200-$500 per year *
31. Do you understand that ADR will refund the entire adoption fee if the cat/kitten is returned within the first 30 days after adoption? *
32. Do you understand that if, at any time, you cannot or do not wish to keep the cat you adopt from ADR, you MUST return the cat to ADR? *
33. Do you understand that if the terms of the Adoption Contract you sign upon adoption an ADR cat are not followed, ADR may reclaim the cat and seek restitution for all expenses incurred? *
34. Please list 2 references Names & Phone numbers *
37. Are you willing to be responsible for a cat for the next 12 – 20 years? *
38. Have you ever had to give up a pet before: *
Applicant Signature *