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I confirm I reviewed the booking details and determined everything is accurate. I understand that changes may incur a fee based on the supplier's rules. I understand I will be responsible for any such fees. *
By checking this box I confirm that I have reviewed the terms and conditions for doing business with Bella Rose Travel and the supplier(s) for my vacation options. As such, I am aware that all or portions of my deposit, airfare, and/or hotel may be non-refundable. I am also aware that should I cancel my booking without immediately making a new booking, I will be assessed a $50 per person administrative fee by the agency as payment for services rendered in lieu of commission and that this fee will be automatically charged to the card on file with the agency. *This fee will be waived for cancellations due to a valid, documented COVID-related cause. *
I confirm that I am aware that the use of face masks is currently required on all federally-regulated modes of transportation including planes, trains, airports, and cruise ports. Furthermore, individual hotels, resorts, theme parks, and cruise lines may require the use of face masks in all or some locations within their jurisdiction and said businesses may require proof of vaccination at point of entry. I understand that is my responsibility to comply with their requirements and the agency is not responsible for any financial loss resulting from non-compliance nor will any refund be due. *
Are you interested in purchasing travel protection (insurance) for this vacation? *
For your security, please note that we do not keep credit card data on file. This authorization will be saved in a redacted form as proof of authorization. However, if we need to purchase additional services for your vacation, we will need to collect an additional authorization from you.

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By signing your name here you authorize Deep Horizons Travel to purchase travel related products and services with our suppliers on your behalf and affirm that you are the cardholder and/or authorized user for this card. *
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Bella Rose Travel uses a network of industry-leading travel suppliers to fulfill the services requested by our clients. In order to best serve you, we do need to enter your card information on our supplier's secure payment sites. Please be assured that we always maintain an active and updated anti-virus and malware program as well as firewall security on our computers. That said, online retail is not completely risk free. However, we take the security of your information seriously. Likewise, sometimes our suppliers use public names that differ from their legal names. To avoid trip interruption or cancellation, if you see suspicious charges on your card, please contact us to verify it was not one of our suppliers before disputing a charge.