Prescott Pro Sound
Employee/Contractor Information Form

Thank you for your interest in being employed or listed as a subcontractor by Prescott Pro Sound!! As of January 15th, Prescott Pro Sound (PPS) will be owned by Preston Doyle. PPS is a DBA (Doing Business As) under the legal name Show Bound Innovations LLC, however you will continue to know the company as Prescott Pro Sound. We are excited to start the processes to get you setup with PPS. This form will be used to create a profile of your service and to help us determine your employment or subcontractor status.

Before you start.
If you have not read Preston's introductory letter, Please CLICK ON THIS LINK to view the letter which has a little introduction and explanation of the slight changes in regard to how you will work and get paid. 

Can Management use your cell # to send texts (many time as group texts)
to the team when needing to share information for official PPS business? *

Mailing Adress. Will be used to send your employment packet and any other official documents to...

Clothing information

If employed with Prescott Pro Sound you will receive
2 t-shirts
1 long sleeve shirt
1 jacket
1 polo
Subcontractors will receive 
1 t-shirt
1 Polo
These are for use if you would like when working with PPS. PPS cannot require you to wear required dress as a subcontractor 
If you are an employee, information on branded dress code will be listed in the General Information and Policies document that will be sent to you with the employment packet. Hats and additional clothing can be purchased by you by contacting Preston Doyle.

A little about you

Have you worked for Prescott Pro Sound prior to January 15th 2020? *

If you get set up as an employee or contractor for PPS, an app/computer login is used to communicate all production schedules, time tracking and documents for events. This app/computer login will be the hub of most operations for PPS. Use of this app/comuter login will assist us in your availability and you will be scheduled through this system. The app is available in Android and IOS as well as on your MAC or PC. Once the process of becoming an employee or contractor of PPS is complete, you will receive an email with a link to the app and your login credentials. You can also access this program from a mac or windows computer as well.


How available would you say that you are for short notice work calls? *

If needed, would you be able or willing to be called for basic setup and strike labor? *

For the following questions, answer the best you can. There are no right or wrong answers, this is to help us get a better idea of your skills and interests so we may place you in roles best suited for you. Every role is extremely important on an event even if you just mark one item. 
Your skills, what do you like to do?
(check all that applies)
If you had an opportunity to learn more about something regarding production, what would these be?
(check all that applies)

For the following questions, mark whether you have some understanding of what these are. Once again, THERE ARE NO RIGHT OR WRONG ANSWERS. Even if you mark "no" on everything... Totally fine. I am just tossing out some terms simply to give myself an understanding of your experience with these items.
Indicate if you have any understanding of the following or know what the term is:
XLR 3 Pin
Audinate (Dante)
Line Array
Compressor (in an audio flow)
Dynamic range
Balanced/Unbalanced (In Audio)
Terminator (in Lighting)
Gobo (in Lighting)
Line/Mic Levels
"60 cycle"

Thank you for taking the time to fill this form out!!!
After you hit submit, you will receive an email from the system. This email will have a few more instructions for you. Please check spam and make sure you receive this email. If it was in spam, include the sending address to your safe lists so you will receive correspondence from this system in the future.
If you are being set up as an employee:
You will be receiving a packet in the mail that needs to be filled out ASAP. In the packet sent will also be a postage-paid envelope that you can use to mail your documents back, or you can use the online upload link in the email you received after filling the online form out. Please note that the online link is secure and encrypted.
If you are being set up as a subcontractor, you will receive an email with additional information needed from you.
If you receive the employment packet, once I receive your employment documents (by mail or upload), the documents will be encrypted and stored in the cloud and also in a locked file in the PPS office. 
Please keep this box checked marked so you can receive emails from us