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Terms and Conditions

For service calls not covered by warranty:
- We will send a technician to perform an on-site diagnostic of your appliance. The diagnostic fee is $169.95 after tax. If you have multiple appliances that need to be serviced, the additional appliance diagnostic fee is billed at $92.01 after tax for the additional appliances beyond the first.
If you are located outside of our service area, we recommend that you schedule with your manufacturer's factory service. Most brands can be scheduled online.
- The technician will diagnose the problem, and build you a quote for parts and labor required to complete the repair.
- You have the option to either proceed with the quoted amount and complete the repair, or you may decline further service and only be charged the initial diagnostic fee.
- If you decline further service, you will be charged the diagnostic fee at that time.
- If you opt out of service and choose to replace your appliance through Wilson's, you will receive a $100 discount on your sales ticket to help offset the cost of the diagnostic trip.
- If you proceed with the quoted service, we will order the required parts upon approval of the repair quote.
- Once parts for your service arrive, we will contact you to confirm a date to have parts installed.
- Once parts have been installed and the repair is complete, you will be charged the amount you previously approved during the quoting process.
In the event the issue with your appliance persists after service completion, we will provide a no charge "recall" trip within 30 days of initial service completion. This will allow us to ensure that your issue is fully and properly resolved.
For service calls that are covered by the manufacturer warranty:
Functional issues caused by defects in materials or workmanship are generally covered by the warranty. Please keep in mind that warranty does not cover cleaning, maintenance, incorrect application or customer education/ misuse of product. 
The cosmetic warranty period for most appliances is within 30 days of delivery. 
The statements about warranty listed above are to provide a general guidline and are not absolute. You must refer to your specific products user guide for exact details on the warranty.
I understand and agree to the terms of this service call, including the diagnostic fee if not covered by warranty. *

Credit Card Information - Required to book a service call

A valid credit card is required to book a service call. Your card will not be charged until service is completed, or you opt out of repair after a diagnostic call. This is a secure form. Your card on file information is protected by our payment processor.
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