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The New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division currently charges the following for CDLs: -Valid for 4 years: $18. -Valid for 8 years: $34. The MVD may charge additional fees for processing your commercial learner's permit. Ask about any additional fees you may need to pay while scheduling your commercial learner's permit appointment. Fees For Getting Your CDL In Texas: -Standard CDL Age 18 to 84 (new or renewal) - $61 (Valid for 5 years) - Standard CDL Age 85 and older (new or renewal) - $26 (expires after 2 years (on your birthday) Replacement CDL or CLP - $11 Do you understand that you are responsible for all fees at the DMV associated with testing for your Class A CDL Permit? *


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Class Program

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Class Payment

TFH Safety Solutions & Consulting, LLC CDL program is cost of 4-Week at $3,500, 3-Week at  $3,000 and 2-Week at $2,500 which is required by the first day of the class. To reserve your space within the program a seat deposit of $500 plus tax is required before the first day of the program. The seat deposit is included in the total of the course. In addition, you are permitted ONE seat change ONE week before the start date of the course before additional fees are applied. Additional seat changes will result in a fee of $250 plus tax per seat change.

Insufficient payment and bounced checks will incur a an additional fee of $250. If payment should not be delivered at all, TFH Safety Solutions & Consulting, LLC will be entitled to contact a debt collection service. In addition, the following terms and conditions apply: NO REFUNDS. This agreement is binding, and failure to meet its terms will allow TFH Safety Solutions & Consulting, LLC to take certain recourse.


I hereby agree to the payment agreement established by TFH Safety Solutions & Consulting, LLC that the full amount to be paid by the beginning of the first day of the class. *
I hereby agree that if I pay with a credit card there will be a 4% credit card transaction fee added to the total cost of the program. *
How will you be paying for the program? *
I agree that if I quit or get fired from the Company that is paying for my CDL School, I will be liable for complete payment. Payment is due to TFH Safety Solutions & Consulting within 7 days of the end of class. *

Class Date

CDL Training Disclosure

During the CDL program offered by TFH Safety Solutions and Consulting, certain situations arise as to where a student is offered the opportunity to test out at an earlier date, this is often due to a class or individual excelling at a rate higher than average. When this occurs all the instructors and the course administration meet and review the evaluations and decide which students would be best fit for this, if you are offered the opportunity to test early, it is simply an offer, you may choose to decline, however if you take the test and fail, it is on you and it is your responsibility to pay the retest fee $250.00.  TFH Safety Solutions and Consulting DOES NOT GUARANTEE ANY OUTCOME OF THE COURSE NOR WILL WE PAY FOR THE RETEST.
I understand that if I am offered the opportunity to test early, it is simply an offer, you may choose to decline, however if you take the test and fail, it is on you and it is your responsibility to pay the retest fee $250.00. *

At the end of your program if you are not ready to test or need additional help, you will be required to to pay an additional $65 dollars per hour to remain in class. We will provide all means necessary for your success however the hard work and nerves are up to you.  We do not guarantee the outcome of any course offered. 

I acknowledged that I read the statement above and agree to the terms mentioned *

Due to the high volume of testing, we are limited to the spots we are allowed to test in.  So to alleviate a back log in testing and to ensure you are in and out of the program in a timely manner we ask that before the start of class you go to the motor vehicle deptartment and take the tankers endorsement test and have it added to your permit.  By doing this it will allow you to train and drive our tanker truck outside the boundaries of the training facility and to test in that unit if the need arises. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

You must have your tanker endorsement no latter than 3 days into the program. ( You have to have your permit 14 days before you are allowed to test)

I acknowledged that I will need to add the tankers endorsement to my CDL Permit *

I hereby consent to submit to a drug or alcohol test and to furnish a sample of my urine, breath, and/or blood for analysis, as shall be determined by TFH Safety Solutions & Consulting, LLC in order to meet  with their policy regarding the selection of applicants for employment.

I further authorize and give full permission to have the Company and/or its authorized agents and physicians to send the specimen or specimens so collected to a laboratory for a screening test for the presence of any prohibited substances under the policy, and for the laboratory or other testing facility to release any and all documentation relating to such test to the Company. I further agree to and hereby authorize the release of the results of said tests to the Company.


I understand that it is the current use of illegal drugs or alcohol would prohibit me from being in the CDL Program with TFH Safety Solutions. I have carefully read the foregoing and fully understand its contents. I acknowledge that my signing of this consent and release form is a voluntary act on my part and that I have not been coerced into signing this document by anyone. *


I hereby agree to the terms, policies, or conditions set forth by any signed agreements made between myself and TFH Safety Solutions & Consulting, LLC. By signing this agreement, all parties agree to the terms as described above. Alterations to this agreement can only be made by both parties and must be placed in writing. 

I hereby apply for enrollment at TFH Safety Solutions & Consulting, LLC in the Commercial Driver Training Course I have chosen. A representative has provided me with with option to recive a copy of this enrolment form. By signing this we are in Agreement and any Financial Options or Agreements Accepted by the student.

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