St. Paraskevi Grotto-Shrine Beautification Project Donation

“Dedicated to my mother Anastasia Yakovou who taught me to see” (1)

“Vision and sight do not refer exclusively to physical blindness, but to the ability to see truth and to face it courageously.” (1)

Over the past 50 years, thousands of people from all over the world have visited our Grotto-Shrine and have felt the humbling experience of being in St. Paraskevi’s presence. The stark, unassuming interior and the soft trickle of the Holy water, which flows from the mouth of the fountain, create an atmosphere of serenity and holiness.  Through the intercessions of St. Paraskevi, the patron saint of the blind and of those with eye ailments, many of different beliefs and religions have received physical healings after visiting this Holy site.  Others have received miracles by requesting and receiving the Grotto-Shrine’s Holy water, faithfully anointing their eyes with it, and fervently praying to her.

In 2020, we began our St. Paraskevi Grotto-Shrine Beautification Fundraiser to raise money for the renovation of its surrounding area landscape, which has suffered years of neglect. As caretakers of this Holy site, we have a responsibility to properly preserve what has been gifted to us.  The renovation will respect the Grotto-Shrine’s modest, but beautiful simplicity.

Our original goal was to raise $100,000 for the construction and landscaping costs.  While we are more than halfway there, in the past 18 months since the project started, the economy has changed and costs have risen.  At this time, to ensure we are able to complete the project without compromise, we are raising our goal to $120,000.  We need your help to raise the remaining funds needed.  All funds raised in excess of the construction costs will be placed in a restricted account to be used for future maintenance costs of the Grotto-Shrine.

Our goal to is start construction after Easter 2021 and have it completed by Saint Paraskevi’s feast day July 26th. While this may seem ambitious, the time is right for our Community of faithful to rally behind our Church.

Please take a few moments to consider a donation that will help preserve our Grotto-Shrine for our parishioners, visitors and for generations to come.  With your help we hope to transform this Holy site back to the beautiful, sacred place the Grotto-Shrine’s faithful benefactor intended it to be over half a century ago.
With Faith, Love and Respect,

Father John and the Shrine Restoration Committee