St. Paraskevi Camp J.A.M. Registration Form

August 8th - 12th
Monday - Friday, 9:30am until 2:45pm
For children entering Kindergarten - 6th grade.

Registrant's Info

(Shirt sizing: Youth S, M, L, XL)

Registration Fees

Registration Fee *
Additional Child(enter number of children)
Non-stewards(enter number of children)
Extra T-shirts, $15 each. Enter the number you would like.

Required Parent Participation

Our volunteer-run camp is available this summer because of your participation. Thank you! Please let us know which morning or afternoon you are available to volunteer your 3-hours of service. If you are unable to help with camp during the day, please indicate that you will help with administrative tasks and we will contact you about ways you can assist outside of camp hours. 

If available during the day, please indicate morning and/or afternoon hours.
Check if interested in Administrative tasks.

Emergency and Medical Info

I hereby give my child permission to take part in all the Saint Paraskevi Summer Camp activities. In case of an emergency, I give permission to the St. Paraskevi Staff to administer first aid. Should medical attention be required, I give permission for the St. Paraskevi Staff to seek further qualified medical assistance until I can be contacted.

Signature of parent or guardian *
If you have any questions, please e-mail Ann Ebe at
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