ST. Paraskevi Sunday School COVID-19 Survey

Sunday School will begin November 1, 2020.  All students who are registered for Sunday School and signed up for Sunday Divine Liturgy with their families can attend Sunday School in the designated classrooms.  All classrooms are set up in a socially distant manner (6 feet apart) and all requirements under local, state and federal guidelines are being followed (please refer to the Sunday School Guidelines).

In order to address all concerns regarding COVID, we would like you to respond to the survey questions below:

Do you prefer Sunday School classes to be face to face (“Live”) during Sunday Services at this time? *
If no, do you prefer Zoom classes? *
In the event that enrollment exceeds social distancing spacing, would you be in favor of Sunday School that has “blended learning” with Live classes and Distant learning, where 50% of students registered would attend live classes every other week? *
Thank you for taking the time to respond to these questions so we better understand your preferences at this time.
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