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Dilation is recommended to allow a more thorough examination of your eyes.  Side effects include sensitivity to light and blurred near vision for several hours following your exam.

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Please be advised if you are using insurance benefits for today's visit, this is a contract between you and your insurance company...not Premier Eyecare.  If your insurance company has not reimbursed our office in full within 60 days, you will receive a statement and will be responsible for payment.  You may be entitled to reimbursement from your insurance company and therefore should follow up with them.

Computer Vision Testing

Computer Vision Syndrome is caused by the constant effort it takes for your eyes to focus on a computer screen. Unlike an easy-to-read book, the images on a computer screen are made up of tiny, glowing dots called pixels. Without clearly defined edges or background contrast, your eyes can lock the images into focus. They continually drift out of their natural focal resting point and then strain to regain focus on the screen. This constant refocusing can occur in thousands of times an hour — overworking your eye muscles and causing painful eyestrain symptoms including tired and sore eyes, headaches, blurred vision, and general fatigue. If you work at a computer more than 2 consecutive hours in a day, we strongly recommend evaluating your eyes with the PRIO computer test during your visit today. With the results of this test, Dr. Fry will be able to prescribe the most accurate prescription designed specifically for your computer vision needs.

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  7. Interest will be charged in cases where outstanding fees occur. 

Please Read and Sign if Interested in Contact Lenses

Please Read and Sign if Interested in Contact Lenses

Professional Standards of Care require that all people who wear contact lenses have a full comprehensive exam and contact lens evaluation at least once every year.  This form is intended to make clear any misconceptions concerning the professional services and material costs of contact lenses.  Your vision benefits may not cover, or may only cover a portion of, the charges for a contact lens evaluation.  Please read carefully and sign at the bottom:  

  • We will not dispense contact lenses or write a contact lens prescription without a comprehensive eye exam and contact lens evaluation, including all necessary follow-up visits, each and every year. 
  • A comprehensive eye exam consists of tests which include:
    1. Determination of the refractive status of your eyes (myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, presbyopia.)
    2. Evaluation of ocular tissues, internally and externally, and any diagnosis of diseases or disorders relating to the eye.
    3. Assessment of the functional ability of the visual system.


A CONTACT LENS EVALUATION must be done IN ADDITION to the comprehensive eye exam, regardless of whether or not you have a change in your contact lens prescription. 


  • These tests are for contact lens wearers only and include:     
    1. Measurement of the curvature of the cornea to determine the proper parameters of a contact lens which will best fit each eye, and for previous wearers, to assure that your current contact lenses are still the proper fit. Corneal topography is included.
    2. Evaluation of the performance of the current and/or new contact lenses on each eye (visual acuity, coverage, centration, movement, tear exchange, cleanliness, etc…) 
    3. Assessment of the ocular tissues involved in contact lens wear and determination if these tissues are responding favorably to contact lens wear.
    4. Choosing the correct lens materials and designs for your individual needs utilizing the latest technology available.
    5. Ongoing follow-up visits as needed up to 3 months.  Any additional follow-up visits outside of the initial 3 months will be charged $50 per visit.


There is an ADDITIONAL PROFESSIONAL FEE associated with the Contact Lens Evaluation.  This fee is dependent on the level of complexity of the fitting process and does not include the price of the contact lenses.


Level 1                    $ 89         Soft spherical CL and Level 2 re-fit with no follow-up

Level 2                    $155        Soft toric CL requiring follow-up visit(s) or Level 3 re-fit with no follow-up

Level 3                    $199      Multi-focal soft CL, high astigmatism soft toric CL,
                                             SV hybrid, SV RGP or CRT re-fit

Level 4                    $299        Multi-focal hybrid or RGP, Multi-focal soft toric CL, or post-RK refit

Level 5                    $899        Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT) initial fitting, keratoconus hybrid or RGP,
                                             or high myopia (>10 D) medically necessary, or post-RK initial fitting

Level 6                    $1750      Scleral Lens Fitting



If you have vision benefits, your exam co-pay is only for the comprehensive portion of the exam.  Contact lenses are considered an elective form of vision correction; therefore, the contact lens evaluation is NOT covered by the comprehensive exam coverage under your vision benefits.  Unless your vision carrier provides some reimbursement toward your contact lens evaluation and/or contact lenses, you are responsible for the full amount of the contact lens evaluation fee on the date of service.


I have read and by signing, I understand that if I choose to be fit with contact lenses, I am financially responsible for all fees not covered by my vision benefits.

Retinal Health Screening

Dear valued patient:

I am excited to introduce to you state-of-the-art instruments which provide me with valuable information about your eye health.

Traditional methods of examination usually require dilation of the pupils to get an adequate view of the retina.  With our new Optos Daytona camera, I am now able to see a panoramic view of your retina, without dilation.  Even though I still recommend dilation for other reasons, it is not necessary for viewing the retina if we use the Optos camera.

Equally valuable, the OCT provides me with a view of all of the retinal layers in the macular area.  Without it, I am only able to observe the top layer of the retina.  Think of a layered cake.  If you only see the top layer of icing, you will miss all of what is inside the cake.  Many pathologies occur beneath the surface of the retina, therefore, it is important to examine this area of the retina thoroughly. 

Due to the increasing prevalence of macular degeneration in the population, we also measure macular pigment density.  Macular pigment provides a natural defense against harmful, high energy wavelengths of light.  By measuring the macular pigment, we can monitor and prescribe certain supplements to increase macular pigment density and improve the eyes’ ability to protect against macular degeneration.

I highly recommend these tests in order to adequately examine your retinal health.  Unfortunately, insurance plans currently don’t cover wellness screenings.  There is a separate $79 fee for the total retinal health screening. 

I will provide you with an explanation of your results and go over the images and findings with you during your exam.  Your eye health is important to me and I am committed to offering you the latest in technology.



Dr. Brent Fry

Consent For Use Or Disclosures Of Health Information

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