A complaint is filled in by a student who wishes to submit a complaint or appeal, if all other ways to remove the cause of the complaint have been exhausted. This application is based on the Procedures on Filing Appeals and Objections by Students. By filling out the Application, the student confirms that he/she is familiar with all the provisions of the Study Regulations and the Procedures on Submitting Appeals and Objections.

The purpose of this form is to gather basic information about the cause of appeal or remarks and remove the established causes as fairly as effectively as possible. Appeals must be filed within the time limit set by the Procedures on Submitting Appeals and Objections by Students.

Details of the complainant/appeal

Type of complaint

When registering, contrary to the regulations and conditions of the competition, you are denied the right to enroll at the Faculty
Unjustly, you were denied the right to receive any awards and recognitions by the Faculty.
The quality of teaching is not at the level guaranteed by the Agreement and Procedures on Studying.
The professor did not objectively and impartially assess your knowledge in the exam
You have experienced age, gender, nationality, race or any other form of discrimination
Unfoundedly, you were denied the right to take an exam
You were denied the right to choose or be elected as a member of the Student Council

Previous talks or consultations with other members of the teaching or non-teaching staff

Brief description of a complaint

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