Goldroom Equipment Request

Select this option if you wish to see what equipment is available for a certain class.
Any forms submitted with this option will be deleted without review.
You may choose to email yourself a copy of your selections at the end of the form. 
Revisions will not be processed until 1 week in advance of your initial pickup date.
You must have a valid CK-number in order to submit a revision.  This is the confirmation number on your reservation.  

Imported from NCAP?

You must be Greenlit before submitting this form.
This is for group assignments where each member of the group shares financial responsibility.
All members of the group must be present at checkout.
You must submit an NCAP Form for initial approval before submitting a Goldroom request.  When the NCAP form is approved, you will receive an email with a link to request equipment.  You MUST use that link in order to submit a request.
TV And Documentary students should use WebCheckout.
Click Here to access WebCheckout 
Clicking NEXT will redirect you to the NCAP request form.
This must be approved before you can submit a Goldroom request.

By submitting this request, you agree to abide by the rules stated in the Dodge College Production Guide 
and are responsible for knowing the consequences incurred for infractions.