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Use this form to request resources from Dodge College when your project is not directly involved in a class, or after you have graduated.
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Non-Class Request Form

Non-Class Production Policy

For students that wish to shoot a portfolio project outside of a required class project, access to Dodge College’s equipment and facilities may be approved on an “as available” basis. Be aware that depending on the resources or equipment requested, students will have to provide insurance coverage at their own expense. 

IMPORTANT: At certain times during the year, approval for non-class productions will not be granted so that the equipment and facilities can be entirely dedicated to those working to complete required class exercises and advanced productions.

Please read the Dodge College Production Guide before submitting a request.

These requests require at least 10 days to process from the time all necessary materials have been submitted.  Once all of these items have been submitted, the request will be reviewed and you will be contacted to discuss the project further.

Alumni Request Form


Dodge College of Film and Media Arts has a policy to support our alumni who are in need of resources to produce low budget portfolio projects.  Portfolio projects are considered projects such as film contests, spec commercials, music videos or short films that will help alumni gain additional experience and build materials for their reels.  This policy allows us to support the many requests we get from students and alumni without taking resources away from currents students working on projects required for their degree.

These requests require at least 10 days to review from the time all materials listed below have been received.  Once all of these items have been submitted, the request will be reviewed and you notified of the results.

The demand on equipment and facilities is very high during our peak production months of October through March so it may not be possible to support any requests at that time.  

Any requests for the use of a Sound Stage will only be considered if the person making the request, the 1st AD and Gaffer have completed the Stage Systems Workshop and have been certified by the Stage Manager. For more information, go to our webpage.

Please be aware of Chapman University's requirement for the Requestor to provide proof of $1,000,000 General Liability coverage and Property Insurance with limits that exceed the replacement values of the items being borrowed.  A Certificate of Insurance (COI) naming Chapman University as an additional insured and loss payee must be submitted prior to check out.



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