Back To Partying {w/Covid-19 Pandemic in effect} Poll

Thank you in advance and please take our poll to see if we are ready to return back to the social gathering at large events.
Due to Covid-19 Social Distance Restrictions, but now that some businesses and gathering are open back up. How likely are you to start back attending party events? *
 Very LikelyLikelyMaybeNot ReadyVery Unlikely
With 25 -50 people
More than 50 people
Require everyone to wearing face mask & 6ft social distance
No face mask & 6ft social distance requirement
Travel by Airplane
Travel by Bus
Travel by Train
Travel by Personal Vehicle
What event you would be most likely to attend, regardless of the Covid-19 pandemic? *
Based on the events of the previous question, which requirement you prefer to be included in the attendees? *
How likely are you to continue to use our service? *
Would you travel with a group, during this Covid-19 pandemic? *
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