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~~ Please note regarding appointment availability ~~
We are not currently accepting Medicaid plans, including Wellsense, NH Healthy Families, NH Healthy Kids, and Anthem Individual Marketplace Pathways plans. Please also note that in the month of April for psychologist or counseling appointments we have limited or no late afternoon or evening appointments due to extremely high counseling appointment demand, with the exception of those with Harvard Pilgrim, United Healthcare, Cigna, or Community Health Options plans, since all 70 of our providers participate with those health plans and therefore we have more scheduling flexibility.  For psychiatric medication related appointments, we currently have some afternoon and evening appointment openings, but no Saturday available appointments at this time.

NOTE ON PRIVACY: Your privacy and confidentiality is VERY important to us. This site is secure and meets criteria for HIPAA privacy.  You will notice in the lower right hand corner of this web page a "lock" indicating that the information cannot be viewed while you complete it, and after it is submitted it is encrypted during transmission, and is sent to our administrative office in Nashua and can only be accessed via secure passwords known only by our administrative staff who schedule appointments.  Your personal information will only be viewed by them and the provider you will be seeing.  All our staff are trained thoroughly regarding your privacy rights and maintaining confidentiality.  Despite this assurance, we understand that some people may not feel comfortable answering some items.  If you choose to omit items, those with an * do require an answer or the form cannot be submitted, so please just type in "omit" wherever possible and this information can be gathered later over the phone to assist with scheduling your first time appointment.
The more information you are able to provide for us, the easier it will be to schedule your appointment and match you with a  provider who has expertise to help you.

Assisting you in obtaining the right care from a provider with expertise that can help you is very important to us. On some occasions we find, based upon the information you provide us, that we will need one of our counselors or psychologists to speak with you to gather additional clinical information to help us match you with the correct provider, or to ensure that our practice can meet your clinical needs for type or level of care.  At times, we may find that we do not have a provider on staff who is a good match for the type of care you require, or we may determine that you would be best served by an alternate practice or facility specializing in the type or level of care you require.  If this is our determination, we will do our best to assist you by referring you to a local provider or community mental health center who offers the type of care or service needed to help you, and upon your written or email request and authorization, we could then forward a copy of this confidential information to you or to a provider at another practice of your choice to assist you in scheduling an appointment or receiving care. 

Items below marked with an asterisk (*) require an answer.  If a question does apply to you and it does not have an (*), please feel free to leave blank.  If the answer is required, but you choose not to answer it, please type "omit" or check at least one box.

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INSURANCE INFORMATION: In order to match you with a provider who accepts your insurance and to fully complete our internal administrative process of arranging an appointment for you, please complete the following insurance information. If for reasons of privacy or concerns about providing your insurance identification number online despite the fact that this is a secure web page, please at least leave the name of your insurance company so we can appropriately determine who may be on your insurance panel to match your clinical need for an appointment. You may provide your identification number at a later date, after we are able to complete the scheduling of your first time appointment. . If you do not have insurance, or do not wish to use your insurance for purposes of confidentiality, please type in "self pay" in the first block and proceed to the end.

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* We gather this information to ensure we inform you prior to scheduling/prior to your first appointment the out of pocket cost of treatment. If you are not aware of your deductible or out of pocket costs, please contact your insurance company prior to speaking to our intake coordinators to ease with the process of scheduling